Furniture Shelf Sales Display Placed

A furniture shelf, placed in a house. No matter what tier of rare wood used to make them, they all look the same when placed.

If you are not familiar with furniture shelves, you may want to read about the general topic of sales displays that can be placed in player housing.

  • All furniture shelves are Master Crafted (made from a rare material) by those who take up the Carpenter tradeskill.
  • They hold a variety of Furniture items (also primarily) made by Carpenters.
Furniture Shelf Woods and Capacities
Item NameRare WoodCapacity
Fir Furniture ShelfFir48
Oak Furniture ShelfOak56
Cedar Furniture ShelfCedar64
Ironwood Furniture ShelfIronwood72
Ebony Furniture ShelfEbony80
Mahogany Furniture ShelfMahogany88
Eucalyptus Furniture ShelfEucalyptus96
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