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Class Wizard Wizard Icon Icon blue burning shield
Level 74
Category (Target) DOT (Self)
Mastery Subjugation
 Casting Time  2.0 seconds
 Recast time  1 min
 Cost  474 power 
 Duration  36.0 seconds
Wizard: Forge of Ro Spell Line
Level Spell Name
55 Forge of Ro
74 Furnace of Ro
Summons flames near the caster. Anyone in these flames will continually take Heat damage until they leave the area.

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This spell is from the Desert of Flames expansion, and can only be found as Adept I or Master I, or crafted as Apprentice IV or Adept III by a Sage who has scribed the recipe Ancient Teachings of: Forge of Ro.

Summons a limited pet to aid the caster.
The AE of the pet's heat is circular. Once cast, the "pet" will not move, even if the caster does, unless the caster is teleported.

The pet "casts" the following effect(s):

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient Celestial
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Engulfing Fires (AE heat damage every 3 seconds) 25-110 35-167 N/A

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