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Frostfell is coming, the vulrich is getting fat! Please do put a copper in the old gnome's hat![1]


It's Frostfell Time in Norrath! Song fills the air, Norrathians bustle to purchase that special gift, to fix their feasts. Those Frostfell Elves are out in force to bring cheer and gifts of the season to one and all.

Frostfell is the Live Event that begins in December. While in-game, click on the EQ2 radial button and choose the Calendar to check the exact dates. It was first introduced to EQ2 in 2005.

No matter what you do, make sure you visit Santa Glug every 18 (real-world) hours. He has Frostfell gifts for you!

Some Frostfell quests take place in your home city but many occur in a special holiday zone: Frostfell Wonderland Village.

To learn more about the zone's history, to see a map, and for some general tips and tricks, see the Frostfell Wonderland Village page.

The event has numerous quests, 4 purple "shiny" collections, races, achievements, special crafting materials, and more, all described below.

New and returning players should consult the Annual quests section below first, as many of the quests inside the Frostfell Wonderland Village are unlocked only after the first quest listed there is complete.

What's New?Edit

While "regulars" who lurk and edit this wiki do their best to keep this page up-to-date, sometimes the game development moves faster than we do. Please add any new quests you discover to this section. New quests are not added to the game every year, so if this section seems behind, check the Official Forums for announcements. If we reach another year with new quests, the quests and info once found in this section will be moved in favor of what's actually new.

New in 2019Edit

Unlike other events that start and end at 12:01, Frostfell starts and ends in the morning of the following dates: Dec. 10th - Jan. 7th 2019. Please check your in-game calendar for localized times.

New recipe books:

Three new collections:

2019 TLE Server LimitationsEdit

Kaladim will have holiday merchants located in Freeport and Qeynos Province District, selling Frostfell themed house items and equipment.

Travel to Frostfell Wonderland VillageEdit


One example of the Magic Closet used to enter the Frostfell zone. It is identical in all cities.

Reinforced Icewall (Armor Set) (Visible, Male)

One example of armor that can be purchased with Frozen Tokens during the event.

There is a magic closet (wardrobe) located in each of the cities. Click on it to enter the Frostfell Wonderland Village:

Frozen TokensEdit


One of a few mounts that can be purchased using Frozen Tokens.

The Frostfell currency is Frozen Token of E'ci. To see how many tokens you have, press C (while logged in) to open the Character window and click on your Currency tab.

The tokens can be exchanged within the Frostfell Wonderland Village for valuable items like attractive armor and weapons (with stats), a variety of ice and holiday-themed house items, and more.

Token-Earning Tips:

Over the years, veterans players have developed two common strategies:

  1. The Icy Keep - solo or group quests are offered for the instance, but the number of lootable tokens in the group version is far superior during the group version of the Mission Improbable series quests.
  2. Raiding the Gifty Storehouse - before you turn in the solo quest you can trade extra gifts in your inventory to Gixen on the dock in the Enchanted Lands. Hint-hint: you can re-enter the instance for the quest and greedily gather extra gifts over and over.

Event MerchantsEdit


Above: examples of some Frostfell merchant items. All are ice-themed or themed to match the Wonderland zone.

Ratonga tree topper plushie

The Ratonga Tree Topper Plushie was added in 2019 as an homage to Cloudrat, a dearly departed community member on the Public Test server.

There are four event merchants.

Annual QuestsEdit

Quests in this section are repeatable only once per year, though a few sub-quests in the series may be repeatable and are noted as such.

To Unlock (most) QuestsEdit

Before you read on, there is one quest required to unlock almost all of the other quests within the Wonderland Village!

First appeared in 2013
  • A Deepice Mystery - Players must complete this quest in order to free several Frostfell quest-givers.

Merry MischiefEdit

First appeared in 2012
  • Merry Mischief - You can try your luck at getting a pet Gum Drop from Santa Glug or you can choose one as a reward by completing this quest.

A Frostfell FavorEdit

First appeared in 2006
  • A Frostfell Favor - players are transported and transformed into McScroogle for this homage to the holiday classic, A Christmas Carol, by Charles Dickens.

Giftgiver Dilemma SeriesEdit

First appeared in 2009
  • The Giftgiver's Dilemma
  • Raiding the Gifty Storehouse (First appeared in 2010) - this quest makes it easy to obtain mass quantities of Frozen Tokens. See the section about Frozen Tokens (above) for a strategy hint. The quest itself is repeatable every 18 hours, but is in this section because you must repeat the Giftgiver's Dilemma each year first.
  • Gnopp's One Stop Shop

Saving Frostfell SeriesEdit

First appeared in 2007

Repeatable annually. Queen Bunny is distraught over the unseemly commercialization of Frostfell. She sends you to save the spirit of the holiday by destroying the McScroogle Corporation's factory.

Icy Keep Heroic QuestsEdit

Deepice Dreams (Maldura) SeriesEdit

First appeared in 2015

The series begins with Jarith Icewing at ( 334, -24, -1513 ) /waypoint 334.31, -23.75, -1512.75 and includes:

Gallivanting GiftiesEdit

First appeared in 2017

Little Lost GoblinEdit

First appeared in 2016

Repeatable Quests (Multiple Times per Year)Edit

Quests in this section are repeatable at least two times while the event is live. Some may be unlimited.

Gigglegibber's Work QuestEdit

A Gigglegibber's work is never done (by a Gigglegibber). The goblin who gives this quest will be near the magical wardrobe used to enter the Wonderland Village, usually under a large Frostfell tree.

  • Starting in 2017 a new version for level 105 characters is offred by Gh'lad Tydingz Gigglegibber who can be found in the player cities.
  • The first time this quest is completed, the reward is a Frostfell Tree.
  • Subsequent completions offer a choice of a Frostfell Wreath, lighting options for your tree, Frozen Tokens of E'ci, and more!
  • It is worth repeating this at least a few times each year, as the rewards have changed over the years, with new items often offered with each repeat. For example, [need the tapestry name] was offered in 2010.

The Gigglegrump SeriesEdit

First appeared in 2005

These quests scale every five levels, and can be repeated ten times per level by those who who love them; the secret? Change your level by visiting a Chronomancer.

  1. The Tale of the Gigglegibber Grump
  2. Removing the Grump

Candy Grab RacesEdit

First appeared in 2006

The races are held in two locations and have identical rewards, but those aiming to complete the holiday achievement must visit both locations. It rewards Frozen Tokens and/or various house items and appearance gear, depending on how successfully you gather candy. Those who really work at it can even gain a special title.

Since 2015 there is also a race inside the Wonderland:

Tradeskill QuestEdit

Though there's just one crafting quest, it's very rewarding! This quest can be repeated daily. It is a great way to gain tradeskill XP and level. In addition, those who have tradeskill level 90+ can buy lore recipes to craft keys and get Frostfell Crafting Stations to use all year long!

First appeared in 2011

Those who love crafting and decorating houses love Frostfell. Because this aspect of Frostfell is so complicated, most of the info resides on dedicated pages.

  • New to EQ2 or back and feeling rusty? See the Frostfell Wonderland Village page, which includes generalized info on crafting during the season.
  • Just need to see which books you might be missing? See the Frostfell Recipe Books category page.
  • Looking for which items you might spend tokens on? See the page for Gerbi Frostfoot, who sells most of the event items and Frostfell Vendor Items for items sold by both of the general event merchants.


Prior to 2013, players were mailed a candy cane to examine and start this quest. The candy cane was replaced with this achievement series. While in-game, press J to open the Journal and look for it in the Live Events section of the Achievement tab.

Non-Repeatable QuestsEdit

Quests in this section are once per character (no repeats, ever!)

Feelin' Gifty SeriesEdit

First appeared in 2005 Completing this quest gives you options for lighting your Frostfell Tree.

Decoration AdditionsEdit

First appeared in 2008

Rewards a Frosted Frostfell Tree, except in Freeport and Neriak, where one may obtain a Dead Frostfell Tree.

Collection QuestEdit

Eeew! It looks like some skaters were not as graceful as others. If you look carefully, you'll see purple "shinies" on the ice that are for the Frost-bitten Toes collection.

Retired QuestsEdit

  • Quests given by Gardy Giftgiver were retired when Santa Glug and his thugs...err friends took over gift giving.
  • Frostfell Fanatic! (introduced in 2010) was retired, but replaced with the Achievement found in your quest journal.

Seasonal Marketplace ItemsEdit

The following items are generally available from the Marketplace only while the event is live.

Additional items can be found by searching the Marketplace using the word Frost or other winter-themed adjectives. This makes it easy to find armor, cloaks, and house items with a winter theme that may only be around during the event.

Other ActivitiesEdit

Snowball Fights and More:

As you explore the city and special zone, you will find buckets of snowballs that you can click to get a pile of 20 Snowballs. Target a mob or your fellow players to have a laugh at the effects.

If you prefer, you can craft a Sturdy Fruitcake to pitch at your fellow Norrathians. Running out? Nearby to one of the goblin merchants is a table with a fruitcake you can click for 20 sturdy fruitcakes as well.

Frostfell MerchantsEdit

  • Gerby Frostfoot at ( 178, -36, -1312 ) /waypoint 178, -36, -1312 only sells items for Frozen Tokens and will only show you his wares if you have at least one token to spend.
  • Giggawat Gigglegibber at ( 140, -9, -1240 ) /waypoint 140, -9, -1240 and Garsleblat Gigglegibber near the Icy Keep zone-in only sell a few items for Frozen tokens, but mostly items for standard coin currency. These two sell the same recipe scrolls you can buy from other vendors on the islands.
  • Various fuel vendors inside the Wonderland Village sell the fuels Elven Magic, Holiday Cheer, and Holiday Spirit. You need those special fuels to craft holiday-themed items. The fuel vendors are found near crafting stations. A special fuel vendor inside the tradeskill quest version of The Icy Keep will see you special recipes described on the page about Frostfell Crafting Stations.
  • If you want all the crafting recipes, be sure to check all the merchants because some of them have additional recipes for sale.


  1. From a popular Qeynos children's Frostfell rhyme.

White and Blue Snowflake This article refers to events, personae and activities only present in-game during the annual Frostfell celebration. Frostfell comes to Norrath each year from (roughly) the second week of December to the first week of January.

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