Morgjerd Terden

a Frostfang Sea ecology NPC

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Ecology
Race Multiple Races (see below)
Zone Frostfang Sea (LU56)
Location Throughout New Halas

New Halas is populated with many ecology NPCs, all either Barbarians or Coldain dwarves. Unlike in older content, these NPCs are completely un-interactible. Furthermore, their names change with every game reset, although their behavior remains static. For example there will always be 3 coldain performing ice magic at ( -124, 147, -70 ) /waypoint -124, 147, -70, but their names will keep changing.

Names appear to be generated out of predefined parts-of-names. Barbarian NPCs will often have vaguely scottish or celtic sounding names, while Coldain NPCs often have stereotypically dwarflike descriptive last names (e.g. Coldfoot, Thundermaul, Firebeard).

For a partial list of possible names, see Special:Whatlinkshere/Frostfang Sea ecology NPCs.

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