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Frostfang Sea
Levels 1-20
Frostfang sea.jpg
A land blessed by Marr.
Introduced LU56
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to None
Quest Lines Frostfang Sea Timeline
Harvesting Tier 1 and 2
NPCs Monsters Named
Drops Instances POIs Discos

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Frostfang Sea is a starting zone containing the city of New Halas. It is a level 1-20 newbie zone, containing many quests. While it is a small zone it contains enough content to reach level 20. There is also a tier 9 raid zone and player housing.


Frostfang Sea is the name of the surrounding area, while Erollis is the main landmass within it. This area was chosen to be the location for New Halas by Mithaniel Marr. Originally it was inhabited by Coldain Dwarves, but now supports Barbarians, Frogloks, and other followers of Marr.

After The Rending, the continents of Norrath began to split apart. The coldain dwarves currently found in the Frostfang Sea became stuck on Erollis with a group of particularly nasty orcs, the Ry'Gorr. The clashes between these two groups of sentient beings are chronicled in the Frostfang Sea Timeline.


Map of Frostfang Sea

Frostfang Sea is a relatively small zone composed of a large island of ice and rock surrounded by several smaller icebergs/islands. Many of these outlying isles have become converted to outposts for the Ry'Gorr Orcs. In the absence of a leaping or flying mount, travel on the main island and the surrounding icebergs must be done carefully as there are many dangerous monsters and natural hazards that cover the zone.


See: Frostfang Sea Timeline

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