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Freeport Timeline
Recommended Levels 1 to 20
Introduced: Shattered Lands
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Freeport
Preceded by: Freeport Outlying Areas Timeline
Followed by: Commonlands Timeline

This page is about the original Freeport. For the new Freeport introduced with LU62, see The City of Freeport Timeline.

These quests were in the four main areas of the city of Freeport, designed for characters who finished the quests in the Freeport villages and the outlying areas. The later levels overlap nicely with the Commonlands Timeline as well as the Freeport Sewers Timeline, so we encourage you to work on all of them simultaneously. Many of the quests throughout Freeport were removed when the racial quests were introduced; they remain in the journals of players who completed them.

The quests in Freeport do not follow a specific order, so they are listed here according to which city quadrant they are found in. At level 10 we encourage you to start the Commonlands Timeline. The quests listed below can be done in parallel with those in the Commonlands Timeline, and later, the Nektulos Forest Timeline.

North FreeportEdit

Missionary G'Zule - at the Temple of War

  1. Death Certificate (10)
  2. Graverobber Spoils (10)

Consternator Soulinus

  1. The Mouth of Evil (10)
  2. Dismal Tidings (10)

Emissary Midia

  1. A Mission for Midia (25)
  2. Finding the Scroll for Midia (25)
  3. A Delivery for Hucklethin Gorsefoot (25)
  4. Irontoe Sabotage (26)

Euphemius Granius

  1. Golem Research (24)
  2. Golem Testing (19)

Kanos X'aphon

  1. Key to Fallen Gate (18) - quest 3 of Fallen Gate access

Zaveda X'vch

  1. A Wizard's Demise (22) - quest 4 of Fallen Gate access

Scribe Jabir Maridar

  1. Shipment for Jabir (10)

Drund Mordgraahl Skullsprain

  1. The Lost Religion of Fallen Gate (25)

Merchant Vibia Valens

  1. Vibia's Wailing Cave Ingredients (13)

Removed questsEdit

Augurer Valgus

  1. Gathering Brittle Bones (10)
  2. Message for Anessa (10)
  3. The Mariner's Rhyme (10)

Hazrulin Vextrik

  1. Hazrulin's Research (22)

Scribe Jabir Maridar

  1. Note for Lusius (10)

South FreeportEdit

Sergeant Nominus

  1. Find Pythus the Rogue (14)

Lavic N'Gam

  1. The Farmer's Ring (15)
  2. A Change in Plans (15)
  3. Like a Ring in a Haystack (16)
  4. No More Witnesses (19)

Nipius Malchus

  1. Armadillo Hides (10)

Sergeant Nominus

  1. Find Pythus the Rogue (14)

Clodia Laeca

  1. Note for Sergius (10)
  2. Speckled Rattler Profit (10)

Removed questsEdit

Lucilla Quietus

  1. Hunting Henchmen (23)
  2. Message for Merchant Valary (10)

Clara Maius

  1. Offerings of the Faithful (10)

Nipius Malchus

  1. Armor Delivery (10)

East FreeportEdit


  1. Kouryick's Missing Cargo (22)
  2. Kouryick the Traitor (20) - from Captain Rillian in West Freeport


  1. Scribe Zizwold's List (25)

Annia Velithe

  1. Message for Boomba (8)

Julie Danerous

  1. Message for Mallius (8)

Scribe Zizwold

  1. Scribe Zizwold's List (25)

Foreman Asprenus

  1. Sewer Problem: A Gnome Solution (23) - also obtained by examining the pump near the Insane Peeper)

Sergeant Typhoeus

  1. Typhoeus's Blackmail (11)

Removed questsEdit

Dyric Pire

  1. Cold Forged Armor - Part I (20)
  2. Cold Forged Armor - Part II (21)
  3. Cold Forged Armor - Part III (22)
  4. Cold Forged Armor - Part IV (23)
  5. Cold Forged Armor - Part V (24)
  6. Cold Forged Armor - Part VI (25)

Dalal Akilia

  1. Dalal's Message (10)

Viducius Festus

  1. Delivery to the Crossroads (8)

Sirraw Swiftpaw

  1. Free the Decaying Darkfathoms (10)

Julie Danerous

  1. Kill the Giantslayers (8)

Sirraw Swiftpaw

  1. Message for Sergius (10)

Sergeant Typhoeus

  1. Putting Zombies To Rest (10)

Foreman Asprenus

  1. The Crossroads (10)

West FreeportEdit

Anessa Bonefetter

Averus Justarius

  1. Averus, Part I (11)
  2. Averus, Part II (11)
  3. Averus, Part III (13)
  4. Averus, Part IV (15)

Lieutenant Darrius

Investigator Targok

  1. Targok, Part I (20)
  2. Targok, Part II (21)
  3. Targok, Part III (22)
  4. Targok, Part III (23)

Aelia Catus


  1. Varski, Part I (21)
  2. Varski, Part II (22)
  3. Varski, Part III (23)
  4. Varski, Part IV (25)

Removed questsEdit

Sergius Mordanticus

  1. Collecting for the Militia (10)

Caius Callidus

  1. Vengeance For Caius (40)

Paulina Adauctus

  1. Coalition Cleanup (10)
  2. Coalition Cleanup Continued (10)

Sergius Mordanticus

  1. Killing Bats (10)

Vissa D'Dbth

  1. Mysterious Delivery (10)

Sergius Mordanticus

  1. Trials of the Soldier (10)

Where to go from hereEdit

The Freeport quest lines direct you to continue with the Commonlands Timeline, and this is good advice. You can leave the Freeport quests behind at level 10 if you wish, or you can continue them in parallel. Start in the Commonlands at the gates outside of West Freeport around level 10. By level 13, you can visit the Crossroads in the middle of Commonlands for more quest lines.

Another very good source of quests is available nearby: Darklight Wood, which is the starting zone for the city of Neriak. Travel to Darklight Wood is possible at any level if you stick to the road through the Commonlands. Darklight Wood has quests for all levels from 1-20, but is particularly good after level 10 when your character will be leaving Freeport. The city of Neriak is also friendly to Freeport characters, should you choose to visit it.

If you want to try a very low-level dungeon experience, you can check out the Freeport sewers, which consist of three layers: The Thieves' Way (levels 5-15), The Serpent Sewer (levels 15-20), and Edgewater Drains (levels 20-25). These are accessed through manhole covers found in every Freeport zone.

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