Freeport T3 guild hall at night

Freeport T3 or T4 guild all at night with the center courtyard amenity statue visible

All of the Freeport-style Guild Halls require a guild level minimum of 30 to purchase. The larger the hall of this type, the higher the guild level must be to purchase it.


The Freeport-style Guild Halls were limited to the The City of Freeport and The Commonlands dock when guild halls were first introduced.

The smallest (T1) versions of the halls, with identical visual styles and layouts to those in Freeport, were later added to both Neriak and Gorowyn.

The player decorating community refers to them by this single style name, because a small (T1) hall in Freeport is identical to the small (T1) hall in Gorowyn and Neriak.

Visual StyleEdit

The Freeport-style Guild Halls have a theme of deep burgundy, plum, and grey and ominous details to reflect the "evil" theme of Freeort.

Distinguishing Features by Tier:
  • The smallest T1 halls do not have an outdoor courtyard.
  • The medium T2 halls have an indoor area open to the sky, similar to an observatory. It an additional small has a lower level.
  • The largest T3 and T4 halls off The Commonlands dock both have an enormous, open-air courtyard with high walls, like a classic castle. Both have an underground dock area.
  • The main difference in the T4 is the addition of rooms accessed by a fixed teleportation pad. In other words, it has what amounts to extra basement rooms.


The T1 and T2 halls within Freeport have distinguishable exterior buildings. The Neriak and Gorowyn halls have no notable exteriors beyond a zone in point (e.g. a normal looking a door in Gorowyn.)

T3 and T4 examples:


The Tiers (T1, T2, etc.) refer to the size of the halls.

  • Though the city of Gorowyn tolerates characters aligned with "good" cities, good-members will not be able to use the bank or broker within the city; the guild may need to invest in the Guild Hall Banker and Guild Hall World Market Broker soon after buying the hall if many members are aligned with good-aligned. The tradeskill NPCs in the area will interact with characters of all alignments though.
  • The city guards within the Freeport and Neriak will kill any good-aligned guild members if they venture outside of the hall unless they are high levels.
Name or address Tier Minimum Guild Level Zone in from /waypoint Description of location
Freeport Guild Hall, Tier 1 1 30 South Freeport ( -24, -7, 197 ) /waypoint -24, -7, 197 Westernmost building, all the way on the top
Freeport Large Guild Hall 2 50 North Freeport ( -14, -18, -261 ) /waypoint -14, -18, -261 Northwest building, close to the gate to Stonestair Byway
Freeport Guild Hall, Tier 3 3 70 Commonlands ( -1055, -144, -683 ) /waypoint -1055, -144, -683 Bell placed on the northeast Commonlands docks
Freeport Guild Hall, Tier 4 4 95 Commonlands ( -1055, -144, -683 ) /waypoint -1055, -144, -683 Bell placed on the northeast Commonlands docks
Neriak Guild Hall 1 30 Neriak ( -626, 13, 272 ) /waypoint -626, 13, 272 Spinning teleporter inside the Hex Tower, south of Christanos Plaza.
Gorowyn Guild Hall 1 30 Gorowyn ( 2830, 122, 1236 ) /waypoint 2830, 122, 1236 All the way west in Gorowyn's housing area (take the first elevator halfway up then go south, up, and around in a counter-clockwise circle)

Sneaking to the T1 HallEdit

If you have a T1 hall in South Freeport and can't use Call of the Veteran to bring a very low level "good" alignment member to you automatically, they can sneak into city. It a dangerous and rather fun activity.

Long route:
  1. Travel to The Commonlands and entering the The Thieves' Way sewer at ( -1249, -84, 121 ) /waypoint -1249, -84, 121 (to the far right of the gate into West Freeport)
  2. Leave the sewer at the grate into South Freeport ( -111, 1, 104 ) /waypoint -111, 1, 104. This will out you out of harms way, but you will need to move cautiously, looking for guards that roam the city.
  3. Proceed with caution (up several flights of stairs) to the T1 hall at ( -24, -7, 197 ) /waypoint -24, -7, 197.

If you die while on this sneak, you will be sent to the Commonlands again and must start over, so take your time and (if possible) ask for the help of a lookout!

Short Route:

If you have friend or trustee access to any Prestige Housing located in Freeport (e.g. an alt or guild member) you can zone out and sneak up fewer stairs. There will still be roaming guards, so be on the lookout!


The cost shown in the table below reflects the weekly cost to maintain an "empty" guild hall. The initial purchase amount is taken directly from the guild leader upon sale of the property.

Tier Minimum Guild Level Item Limits and Building Blocks Purchase Cost Weekly Upkeep
1 30 750 (850 w/ Dimensional Pocket Expander*) 25p 25g 50,000 status
2 50 1000 (1,100 w/ Dimensional Pocket Expander*) 100p 1p 100,000 status
3 70 1,500 (1,600 w/ Dimensional Pocket Expander*) 500p 5p 200,000 status
4 95 2,000 (2,100 w/ Dimensional Pocket Expander*) 1,000p 10p 400,000 status

Note: A Dimensional Pocket Expander may only be applied by the guild leader. Just being flagged as a Trustee will not allow the item to be used.

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