It has always stood, or at least has stood for so long that no one can prove otherwise. It has the biggest harbor in the known world. It’s the largest city, the richest trading post, and the most powerful military stronghold on the continent. A city split between two public factions and a dozen hidden ones, it has been called the City of a Thousand Alleys, the Great Market, the Free City of Humans, and the Sinking Ship of Antonica, as well as at least a dozen less favorable epithets. In previous ages it has been called Wielle, Haven, and Landing. Today it is known as Freeport, and it is the greatest city in the world.

In truth, however, Freeport began during the Combine years when pirates found the deep water port and put it to use for their smuggling operations. At the time, only a few small towers stood; abandoned by the Teir 'Dal. Over time, a small village named Weill was established there. Not much else is known, except that the Combine Empire had no apparent interest in it. The pirates maintained the illusion that no one lived there by keeping Weill in a state of disrepair.

After the Combine fell, thousands of people were cast adrift, and the population of Weill began to grow. It was during this time, that a Koada 'Dal, named Aataltaal, came to Weill. With him, came several ships filled with laborers and artisans. Aataltaal was much loved in Weill, and became their leader. He rebuilt Weill, installed new piers and docks, and built walls around the exterior. Not only did trade flourish, but the population grew. Aataltaal had great vision, planned for the future, and the name of Weill slowly changed.

People began to call it Landing.

As Landing grew, it attracted the attention of the Teir 'Dal. Their rulers decided to make an end to Landing, and sent a force to infiltrate and destroy the city. This group called itself the Divine Rage, because they felt they were the tools of Innoruuk's wrath. They were intent only upon destroying the city, and taking back the land. They subsidized raids by the Deathfist Orcs, destroyed crops, disrupted trade, and attacked Aataltaal's men. They caused havoc in every way possible.

Aataltaal responded by recruiting an army. Local Wizards organized themselves and helped. However the situation worsened, and a great battle took place. This proved to be a turning point for Landing. It was called The Long Night. By the time the battle was over, most of the leaders of the Divine Rage had been captured or killed, and the Deathfist army had been defeated.

Some of the Divine Rage fled the city; those who remained altered their name to the Dismal Rage, and fled underground. Unfortunately, Aataltaal himself disappeared. Over the years there have been rumors that he may have been captured and taken to Neriak. Other stories claim he may still be alive.

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