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I'm on a serious mission to update as much as I can when it comes to furniture. While adding items, I've come across a few that I've thought needed a new or (in some cases) improved subcategory assigned to them. When I look at what's missing as a whole (thousands of items), there may be a need for many new subcategories.

Let's start with something current though; for example, we currently have skeletons that can be placed in homes or guild halls that are tagged as knicknacks. We used to have one or two in-game, now we have many and many items with a skeletal look as well (various skulls). While this might be the best place for them to exist at the moment or was the best choice given the limit at the time pages were created, I can tell you as a decorator, they are mighty large items to truly fit the current subcategory description.

What I'd like to purpose is adding new subcategories as needed, but as a wiki padawan, need some guidance and/or warnings about how not to make a mess. I confess to doing so (don't kill me!) for Weapon Displays last night, because there are numerous racks of weapons and similar items that aren't from L & L quests now.

What I need to know is the following:

Is there a detailed page for guidelines specific to EQ2? The general info here gives me a general understanding of how they work, but given how the game can have overlapping names for things...
...if I add a subcategory of "skeleton" for house items will that in any way clash with a subcategory for a category for Race (eg. in raid zones). I'm assuming that anyone who try to add a category at the bottom of a page later wouldn't get the wrong skeleton (house) if they were trying to tag something with the skeleton race. In theory this shouldn't be an issue if I understand how the templates work, but better to ask now.
If I do add different subcategories, is changing them as simple as changing the subtype in on each page, from the template or is there something else I need to be aware of too? (Using the example of above, that would be the removal of "knicknack" and replacement it with "skeleton".) And I'm sure it likely means manually undertaking that task, but hey, furniture is my thing. I know the items upside down and backwards and can probably look at the listed items in a subcategory and tell which ones might need a change (if at all).

While I'm thinking of housing related things, I've set up two potential pages. One is for Standard Housing and the other for Prestige Housing. We've had so many major changes and new homes added, that I'd like to break those out and slim down the Housing page a bit. Is there anything I need to do to link them back to other housing-related topics? A template? Or is it a matter of adding one of the general "see also" notes.

Woo. Sorry for the huge wall of text and thanks in advance for any reply. Yasuewho (talk) 01:26, February 13, 2014 (UTC)Yasuewho

May have a solution[]

Either I have answered one of my own questions or I had better get in a defensive stance, because someone WILL try to kill me. If I am not mistaken, I can add new subcategories, but to keep them in the precious subcategory, I need to apply the "bigger" categories first. Here's what I did tonight:

  1. I added a new page for a candle and tagged it with the main category, House Item, and with a new subtype, Candle, before the new Candle subtype page existed.
  2. In my brain (which is over 40, mind you) it also belonged to the Lights subtype that already existed, so I added that at the bottom of the page.
  3. Then I followed the pesky new redlink and described the ideal items for the (new) Candle subtype.
When I tracked them down on the House Item category page, they landed where I thought the would/should. That doesn't mean I'm right but, I sure am hoping. If this works the way I suspect and tried to work it out, adding it in that manner more or less links all of those categories (main and subtype) together.

I'm still too chicken to add the subtype skeleton due to my initial concerns, but I am bleary eyed and wily enough to try out Skeletal Decor. If this is a bad thing, let me know and I'll call a Illusionist in for crowd control. Yasuewho (talk) 11:27, February 13, 2014 (UTC)Yasuewho