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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Blood of Luclin
Level Range 115-120
Zone in from Aurealian Coast
Entrance is at

174, 62, -649 ) Copy

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 90 minutes - 3 days
Quests NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • Zone from Aurealian Coast using the portal at ( 174, 62, -649 ) Copy
  • There are LOTS of detriments in this zone. If you can't cure frequently, bring a player or merc along that can.
  • If you ever need more bazaar rat, sell other body drops to the various roaming hawk merchants.
  • Not all of the trash respawns. Plants and netherbians respawn.
  • Emotes for Trade Baroness Elsindir and Bazaar Baron Brixwald have been added to the Talk page.


  1. Click on a rat in either of the corners just inside the first room
  2. Speak to Sammy at ( -278, 0, 115 ) Copy
    • Buy 2 Money Bag for a bazaar rat each.
  3. Defeat Financier Fendilix at ( -272, -2, 33 ) Copy
    • 'A bear market?' trama feign death, 'x' to stand up
    • 'Let's divide the profits' splits: Kill add first
  4. Loot ball of ethreal yarn from his corpse.
  5. Gather rats and frogs as you progress through the zone
    • Any time you engage a deadly darkbloom right-click and choose feed, to feed it a frog.
    • Collect blackened frog leg from it's corpse. 3-4 are required.
  6. Speak to Boris at ( -190, -1, 102 ) Copy
    • Buy 30 Grit Sand Rune for ball of ethreal yarn and a bazaar rat.
    • Buy Key of Articulation for a bazaar rat.
  7. Right-click on 30 Grit Sand Rune and choose 'auto consume'.
  8. Move the mannequins from ( -176, -3, 109 ) Copy and ( -201, -1, 47 ) Copy and place them near ( -120, -1, 61 ) Copy
    • the female mannequin goes on the left and the male on the right. You can only carry 1 at a time. Once correctly place they turn into a fixed mannequin.
  9. Click on each and 'Use key' to spawn Mandee Quin and Mannee Quin.
  10. Defeat Mandee Quin and Mannee Quin.
  11. Loot a rough mannequin leg.
  12. Speak to Motor at ( -117, -1, 104 ) Copy
    • Buy Lucky Horseshoe for a rough mannequin leg and a bazaar rat.
  13. Defeat Short Shift at ( -61, -2, 219 ) Copy.
  14. Right-click the Lucky Horseshoe and choose 'use' whenever Short Shift's stoneskin is up. Blue and purple detriment.
    • 'The battle is making a ghostly carrier ansty. Soothe it somehow.' Pat it down to soothe it.
  15. Speak to Trade Baroness Elsindir at ( -42, -1, 49 ) Copy
    • Buy Bazaar Trade Agreement for Lucky Horseshoe and Money Bag.
  16. Speak to Mausi at ( -50, 0, 113 ) Copy
    • Buy Cat's Eye Agate for Bizarre Trade Agreement and 2 bazaar rat.
  17. Clear all the creatures in the area.
  18. Defeat Trade Baroness Elsindir at ( -42, -1, 49 ) Copy.
    • Click on flags to pick them up to remove her damage immunity. Flags can spawn between the wall next to the broken column all the way over to the area between Mausi and Motor's huts.
    • Periodically 'Your Cat's Eye Agate begins to glow!'. Use it to interrupt her death touch, Monopoly of Souls.
    • Sometimes she'll cast Monopoly of Souls in the middle of an active Trade Route. It is a good idea to re-target her between flags to catch her casting, and more important to interrupt the Monopoly of Souls that to finish the Trade Route.
  19. Collect Bazaar Trade Agreement from her corpse.
  20. Locate Mia, the wandering black cat, as she wanders through the bazaar and speak to her. Tracking is helpful.
    • 9 Lives for 1 blackened frog leg and 3 bazaar rat ((9 trigger death save))
    • 20 Cat's paw for 1 bazaar rat ((launches into air))
    • Chase the Cat for 1 bazaar rat ((teleport to Mia)
    • Lucky Horseshoe for 1 bazaar rat
    • Spirit of the Cat 1 rat ((shape change to cat)
    • Upgraded 30 Grit Sand Rune for 1 blackened frog leg and 1 30 Grit Sand Rune ((no range limit on buff))
    • Upgraded Lucky Horseshoe for 1 blackened frog leg and Lucky Horseshoe ((no range limit on buff))
  21. Proceed to ( 108, -2, 114 ) Copy and use Spirit of the Cat to pass the ghostly orange giant.
  22. Speak to Spirit at ( 264, 1, 120 ) Copy
    • Buy Paludal Catnip for a bazaar rat.
    • Paludal Catnip dispels 1000 levels of any hostile effect on group members.
    • It's a good idea to either have hotbar spots or macro Paludal Catnip, Lucky Horseshoe, and Cat's Eye Agate.
  23. Right-click on Upgraded 30 Grit Sand Rune and choose 'auto consume'.
    • Use 9 Lives charm before pull.
  24. Proceed to Last Stand of Fordel Midst at ( 303, 0, -133 ) Copy and follow the hallway down to the arena.
  25. Defeat Bazaara Baron Brixwald, wandering the arena. He has a knockback; pull him against a wall.
    • If you fall into one of the holes use Cat's Paw, to get out.
    • If 'Your Cat's Eye Agate begins to glow!'. Use it to interrupt death touch. Spell "Soul Espionage."
    • Use Paludal Catnip to remove any detriments he casts. Spell "Public Scorn".
    • Use Upgraded Lucky Horseshoe to remove his stoneskin, blue and purple detriment.
      • He will sometimes cast Public Scorn right before Soul Espionage. Public Scorn must be cleared off to interrupt Soul Espionage.
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