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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Steamfont Mountains more
How to Start Speak to Professor What in Gnomeland Security Headquarters ( -581, 173, 953 ) /waypoint -581, 173, 953

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Notes Edit

You need to speak Gnomish.


  1. Professor What is sending you on a mission, and every gnomish mission needs explosions. Pick up a Boom Burble (beetle), found wandering throughout Gnomeland Security Headquarters.
    • Be quick, Boom Burbles will explode if you leave them too long, with a knockback and some damage!
    • The Boom Burble transforms into the safe(er) Pocketed Boom Burble once collected.
    • You can collect extra Boom Burbles during your mission, which can be sent to kill mobs.
    1. Click Whatzzit's Hover Clank ( -585, 174, 952 ) /waypoint -585, 174, 952 to fly you to the exhaust port above the Klak'Anon entrance ( -297, 142, 1357 ) /waypoint -297, 142, 1357.
    2. Click on the Pocketed Boom Burble in your bag, sending him to explode the port. The explosion results in a pile of debris that you click to enter Klak'Anon: Ulterior Mechanica.
      • The Pocketed Boom Burble will take several seconds to explode the exhaust port, be patient.
      • Entrance will become active once ALL group members have released their Pocketed Boom Burble; then is a group-wide zone-in.
  2. Find a way to destroy the Ulterior Mechanica
    1. Follow ramps up, slaying clockworks as you find them, to reach the Clockwork Gate Lever ( -33, 14, 113 ) /waypoint -33, 14, 113. Activating the lever opens a gate at ( -2, 14, 118 ) /waypoint -2, 14, 118.
      • Note: The fire grate does % based damage, avoid it.
    2. Next, head downhill and continue clearing clockworks.
      • Note: pick up Boom Burbles while clearing, 5 are needed at the end. Get more if you use them against mobs. They DO respawn, so backtrack if you run out.
    3. Return to the gate and head uphill, once again clearing clockworks until "You hear the grinding of gears as massive doors are lifted!", indicating that the giant doors are open. All clockworks must be killed for this to happen. Check behind machinery.
    4. Click through three sets of gates to get to the Central Contrapticus ( 330, 0, 0 ) /waypoint 330, 0, 0. Here you will face an encouner of heroic (3 v) clockworks announced by the message "A threat is detected!".
      • Note: Destroy them, if needed using Pocketed Boom Burbles. There are three sparkling piles scattered around the room (possibly even behind the Central Contrapticus) that can be clicked to obtain more Boom Burbles
    5. Approach the charged field and send Pocketed Boom Burbles to destroy all of the 5 components. Each time you destroy a component it spawns more clockworks for you to defeat.
  3. Collect the destroyed component pieces.
    Gather Burnt Gnomish Object

    Gather Burnt Gnomish Object

    • group-wide update on pickup.
  4. Exit the Ulterior Mechanica instance and click Whatzzit's Hover Clank to return to Professor What in Gnomeland Security.


Icon gears red (Common) This article refers to events, personae and activities only accessable in-game during the annual Tinkerfest festivities that occur roughly from the end of July to early August.

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