The following food and drink products have the maximum 5+ hour duration.

10 Jum Jum Pie White Tea
20 Crab Bisque Orange Wine
30 Sweet Onion Omelet Steppes Mountain Espresso
40 Hopple's Apple Pie (5.5 Hrs, STR & STA)
Wild Apple Pie
Everfrost Espresso
50 Fiery Owlbear Steak (AGI & STA)
Fiery Wyrm Steak (STR & STA)
White Peach Pie
Fugu Surprise
Herbal Flame (WIS & STA)
Nagafen's Flame (INT & STA)
60 Pear Glazed Caiman Steak (AGI & STA)
Pear Glazed Sabertooth Steak (STR & STA)
Prickly Pear Muffin
Artery Punch
Desert Fever (WIS & STA)
Quicksand (INT & STA)
70 Bosprite's Squash Muffins (STR & STA)
Grilled Flying Fish
Screewoggin's Supprise (AGI & STA)
Bosprite Wine (INT & STA)
Gigglegibbery Juice (WIS & STA)
Soaring Espresso Latte
70 Specials Halasian Icebrew +22 STR, STA & INT & +118 Power Regen.
80 Juicy Cranberry Cobbler (AGI & STR)
Crispy Fried King Prawn Heads (INT & WIS)
Teren Field Ration (STA Only)
Barracuda Rolls (WIS Only)

Cranberry Tea Cake (STR Only)

Drachnid Bliss (WIS & STA)
Tottering Brute (AGI & INT)
After Dark (STA & INT)
80 (Faction Recipes) Sathirian Negotiator (WIS & AGI)
Overthere Reserve Ale (+HP/MP)
Di'Zok Tranquil Tipple (INT & WIS)
Rilissian Stimulant Brew (STR & AGI)
Di'Zok Cranberry Pastries(Sta & Wis) ( )
Rilissian Lichenclover Crisps(STA & INT)
80 (Faction Recipe Specials) Devourer Flesh Reduction
Drachnid Reduction
Mountain Giant Flesh Reduction
Spiced Hornet legs Reduction
Behemoth Reduction;

Cranberry Glazed Drachnid Reduction
Magma Fish Reduction

Cockatrice Blood Infusion
Mountain Giant Sweat Infusion
Hornet Venom Infusion
Succulent Brutemarrow Infusion
Cranberry Flavored Cockatrice Blood Infusion
Sweetened Devourer Blood Infusion
Fiery Magma Infusion

Tier 8 food/drink with +Health or Power are scaled to your level. ie, if your L72, they give you +72, if you are L80, they are +80

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