The following food and drink products have the maximum 5+ hour duration.

Tier 1 Jum Jum Pie White Tea
Tier 2 Crab Bisque Orange Wine
Tier 3 Sweet Onion Omelet Steppes Mountain Espresso
Tier 4 Hopple's Apple Pie (5.5 Hrs, STR & STA)
Wild Apple Pie
Everfrost Espresso
Tier 5 Fiery Owlbear Steak (AGI & STA)
Fiery Wyrm Steak (STR & STA)
White Peach Pie
Fugu Surprise
Herbal Flame (WIS & STA)
Nagafen's Flame (INT & STA)
Tier 6 Pear Glazed Caiman Steak (AGI & STA)
Pear Glazed Sabertooth Steak (STR & STA)
Prickly Pear Muffin
Artery Punch
Desert Fever (WIS & STA)
Quicksand (INT & STA)
Tier 7 Bosprite's Squash Muffins (STR & STA)
Grilled Flying Fish
Screewoggin's Supprise (AGI & STA)
Bosprite Wine (INT & STA)
Gigglegibbery Juice (WIS & STA)
Soaring Espresso Latte
Tier 8
Tier 8 Specials Sathirian Negotiator (WIS & AGI)
Overthere Reserve Ale (+HP/MP)
Di'Zok Tranquil Tipple (INT & WIS)
Rilissian Stimulant Brew (STR & AGI)
Di'Zok Cranberry Pastries (WIS & STA)
Rilissian Lichenclover Crisps (INT & STA)

Tier 8 food/drink with +Health or Power are scaled to your level. ie, if your L72, they give you +72, if you are L80, they are +80



Tier 8 & Tier 8 Specials by Everfrost.Apophismcs

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