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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Betrayal
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Greater Faydark more
How to Start Talk to Saelir Varryn ( 224, 112, 400 ) /waypoint 224, 112, 400
part of: Kelethin Betrayal Timeline
Preceded by:
Saelir's Plan: The Sul Spheres
Followed by:

What does this information mean?

This is the 4th quest of the Kelethin Betrayal.

Steps Edit

  1. Speak with Saelir Varryn ( 224, 112, 400 ) /waypoint 224, 112, 400.
    • While talking with Saelir to begin the quest, a window will pop up explaining what the results of betraying will do to you and warn you what will happen to your combat arts/spells and your inn room once you complete this quest.
    • You must click on Continue in order to advance the quest.
    • After you finish talking with Saelir, another window will pop up asking you to confirm that you want to take this course of action. This window needs your character's first name to be typed in the box to advance. If done, you can now accept the quest.
  2. Enter Sammial Geravius' House at Aerie Kolmas ( 383, 105, 506 ) /waypoint 383, 105, 506 by right-clicking the door and choosing the Enter Sammial Geravius' House option.
  3. Once inside, find the 2nd room to the left of you.
  4. Right-click the barrel at ( 27, -1, -5 ) /waypoint 27, -1, -5 and set to "ready" mode.
  5. Right-click the barrel at ( 21, -1, 0 ) /waypoint 21, -1, 0 and place the reedmace seeds.
  6. Right-click the barrel at ( 21, -1, 0 ) /waypoint 21, -1, 0 and set to "ready" mode.
  7. Right-click the bowl on the Workbench and mix berries and mushrooms.
  8. Go back to the injection barrel ( 21, -1, 0 ) /waypoint 21, -1, 0 and place the berries.
  9. Right-click the Workbench at ( 17, -1, -11 ) /waypoint 17, -1, -11 and place documents on table.
  10. Right-click the machine at ( 21, -1, -4 ) /waypoint 21, -1, -4 and insert Sul Spheres. You have now activated the machine. (If for some reason you are having trouble seeing the machine or are unable to click it to receive an update, jump behind it and rotate your camera around until it becomes visible then click metal rod that connects the wood barrels to the machine.)
  11. Right-click the workbench and overload the control queue.
  12. Right-click the machine and set to "quick load" mode.
  13. Major Vyr and 2 Fae Guard will now be in the first room. Speak with Major Vyr and go through the conversation. You will then be banned from Kelethin, transported to Haven, and made an Exile.

You can now continue with quests related to your exile status by earning faction with Qeynos or Freeport. Or you can stay in Haven and remain an exile of all cities.

Rewards Edit

  • Experience
  • Title: the Exiled
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