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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Tenebrous Tangle  (AA)
Journal Level 62 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Tenebrous Tangle more
How to Start Speak to Bilgeron Cogsworth IV in Tenebrous Tangle on the Temple Grounds ( 50, 22, 193 ) /waypoint 50, 22, 193
part of: Cloud Mount Timeline
Preceded by:
Picking Up the Broken Pieces
Followed by:
To the Barren Sky

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Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Fly to the Vultak Scavenging Site to release the bot.
    1. NOTE: When you land at ( -625, 137, -71 ) /waypoint -625, 137, -71.09 the bot will be automatically spawned for you. It is not something in your inventory or something for you to interact with.
  2. Lead the bot to the portal to the Barren Sky ( -716, 145, -148 ) /waypoint -716, 145, -148. You have 2 minutes to complete this step.
  3. Return to Bilgeron.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

A class specific armor set hands:
Fighter Armor Scout Armor
Berserker Gauntlets of Berserk Rage Assassin Darkstrike Gloves
Bruiser Gloves of Marring Brigand Gloves of the Overcloud
Guardian Gauntlets of the Rampart Dirge Gloves of the Bombast
Monk Gloves of Symmetry Ranger Gloves of the Gamut
Paladin Gauntlets of the Angelic Soul Swashbuckler Gloves of the Vortex
Shadowknight Gauntlets of the Somber Champion Troubador Gloves of Acute Pitch
Beastlord Gloves of the Natural

Mage Armor Priest Armor
Coercer Gloves of the Zenith Defiler Handguards of Caustic Gore
Conjuror Gloves of Runed Silk Fury Gloves of Frenzied View
Illusionist Gloves of Illumination Inquisitor Regal Gauntlets of Reprimand
Necromancer Gloves of Systematic Blight Mystic Handguards of the Unseen Magics
Warlock Gloves of Jarring Impact Templar Gauntlets of Requisition
Wizard Gloves of the Concussive Warden Gloves of the Thicket
Channeler Gloves of Channeled Magics
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