Firebrand (female)

A female human wearing Firebrand set

Armor Set: Firebrand

No special bonus is gained by wearing multiple pieces of this set.

This armor may be worn only by: Paladins and Templars.
Some pieces can only be worn by Templars, but there are pieces with similar appearance for Paladins.

Drop Locations Edit

This armor is dropped in the Laboratory of Lord Vyemm as follows:

HeadFabledThe Uncaged Alzid
ShouldersFabledEuktrzkai Amdaatk
ChestFabledLord Vyemm
Forearms LegendaryDoom Triad
trash mobs
Hands LegendaryPardas Predd
trash mobs
LegsFabledThe Slavering Alzid
FeetFabledAlzid Prime
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