Fire Weaving (armor set)

Fire Weaving (Armor Set)

Armor Set: Fire Weaving

  • (2) +30 int
  • (3) Applies Arcane Recovery V.
    • Reduces reuse time of hostile spells by 5 percent.
  • (5) +5 Base Spell Damage
  • (7) +1 Base Spell Damage
    +100 spell damage

This is the Fabled shard armor set (referred to as Tier 3) introduced in GU51 for Sorcerers ( Warlock, Wizard ).

The Molds for these drop in the X2 raid zone Ward of Elements. You have to buy the Patterns from Assilus Poisonbolt designated as <Elemental Pattern Quartermaster> in exchange for the Molds and some Void Shards. The actual armor pieces are available for vendor purchase from Borden Chargehammer, designated as the <Elite Void Shard Armor Quartermaster> in Lavastorm at the Docks. The price is the Pattern and the respective Tier 2 shard armor piece. The Bracers are actual drops in the zone.

These pieces are upgrades from the equivalent Tier 2 pieces from the set: Elucidated Truth (Armor Set)

Drop Locations Edit

This armor is dropped as follows:

HeadElemental Master's Hood MoldKhost Alur
ShouldersElemental Master's Mantle MoldAiden
ChestElemental Master's Vest MoldDigg
ForearmsDoes not require a moldCaptain Grush
Hands Elemental Master's Glove Mold Gelidus Ventus
Benach Aglebar
LegsElemental Master's Pantaloon MoldDayakara
Feet Elemental Master's Boot Mold Imperator Ignus
Benach Aglebar

Needed items Edit

When you have all items needed for each armor piece, go to the Docks in Lavastorm.

First buy the pattern from Assilus Poisonbolt

SlotMoldVoid Shards
HeadElemental Master's Hood Mold8 Void Shards
ShouldersElemental Master's Mantle Mold12 Void Shards
ChestElemental Master's Vest Mold10 Void Shards
HandsElemental Master's Glove Mold5 Void Shards
LegsElemental Master's Pantaloon Mold8 Void Shards
FeetElemental Master's Boot Mold5 Void Shards

Then buy the armor piece from Borden Chargehammer

SlotPatternArmor Piece
HeadElemental Master's Hood Pattern Elucidated Manaweave Hood
ShouldersElemental Master's Mantle Pattern Elucidated Manaweave Mantle
ChestElemental Master's Vest Pattern Elucidated Manaweave Robe
HandsElemental Master's Glove Pattern Elucidated Manaweave Gloves
LegsElemental Master's Pantaloon Pattern Elucidated Manaweave Pantaloons
FeetElemental Master's Boot Pattern Elucidated Manaweave Slippers
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