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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature
Journal Level 108 (Tier 11)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Naya'Patel: Realm of the Dead more
How to Start Speak to and hire Dolas at ( 10, -13, -85 ) /waypoint 10, -13, -85
part of: Scout Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline
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The Map is a Key. The Key is a Map?
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  • Must be level 7 of one Ascension class to start the quest



  1. Unsure where we are going, we need to fight our way onward.
    1. Time to look around and not die in the process. Use Poison Protection. Proceed to ( 0, -2, -15 ) /waypoint 0, -2, -15.
    2. I need to figure out how to wake the Skeleton King. Place the reassembled map of the dead on the block at ( 1, -1, 14 ) /waypoint 1, -1, 14.
  2. I should engage the Skeleton King and hope I do not die. Speak to the Skeleton King.
  3. Arthiden Vowbreaker requires a dagger, fueled by living blood.
    1. I need to make a trade with the Skeleton King. Trade the Bloody Shank, and kill the Skeleton King.
    2. I need to loot Rider's Bane from the Skeleton King's corpse.
    3. I should not forget the Vessel of Agglomerative Flesh at ( -4, -1, 13 ) /waypoint -4, -1, 13.
    4. I should speak to Dolas (hail him in the cave).
  4. I need to deliver the Vessel of Agglomerative Flesh, like I promised. Speak with Kolanas Kirr in The Ruins of Cabilis: The Necromancer's Den.
  5. Head back to Dolas' camp in the Sinking Sands. You arrive just in time to see Dolas being abducted by the Riders of Ik.
  6. It is time to defeat these Riders of Ik and their Horse Queen. Enter Kurn's Tower: Saving Dolas at ( -2006, -353, -1801 ) /waypoint -2006, -353, -1801 in Fens.
    1. I need to use Rider's Bane to defeat the Riders of Ik. Kill all Riders of Ik.
    2. I should rescue Dolas at ( 62, -2, 20 ) /waypoint 62, -2, 20.
    3. Time to take out The Horse Queen. Kill The Horse Queen.
      • Note: Make sure you let Dolas out of the cage BEFORE attacking the Queen or you'll have to wait 90 mins and reset the instance.
    4. I should discuss our triumph with Dolas.
  7. Dolas still cannot return safely to his home.
    1. I need to speak to Archmage Garla. Speak to Archmage Garla Cheris at ( -188, 57, -223 ) /waypoint -188, 57, -223 in inner Nye'Caelona.
  8. I must track down and obtain ancient iksar relics of power.
  9. I need to take all this stuff back to Archmage Garla.
  10. It is time to end this. Drusella must be defeated.
    1. Enter Sacred Temple: Drusella's Time.
    2. Kill Drusella Sathir. You may need to use Sathirian Protection Bauble during the fight.
  11. I need to return to Dolas and tell him of the victory against Drusella Sathir.
    • Speak to Dolas at ( -721, -62, -195 ) /waypoint -721, -62, -195 in The Sinking Sands.
  12. I am to meet Dolas back at his home city, Nye'Caelona.
    1. Speak to Chancellor Thanial Vylardin at ( -220, 57, -224 ) /waypoint -219.50, 57.34, -224.35 in inner Nye'Caelona.
    2. Speak to Dolas Vylardin at ( -218, 57, -222 ) /waypoint -218, 57, -222 in inner Nye'Caelona.


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This quest is part of the Scout Epic Weapon 2.0 Timeline, and can only be started by a member of that Archtype that matches the Requirements.

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