For the item reward from this quest, see Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot (Item).
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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Journal Level 85 (Tier 9)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone Tenebrous Tangle more
How to Start See Starting the Quest below
part of: Epic Conversion Timeline
Preceded by:
optional Epic Weapons
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Epic Repercussions

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Requirements[edit | edit source]

  • You are no longer required to complete your Epic 1.0 quest. If necessary, you will be given a Shattered Weapon by Kinloch Skry'mir at ( -35, 24, 214 ) Copy which can be used instead of your class weapon.
  • This quest is not available to the Beastlord and Channeler classes.

Starting the Quest[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Kinloch Skry'mir at ( -35, 24, 214 ) Copy in the Tenebrous Tangle.
  2. Now talk to Researcher Sel'Quar at ( -150, -117, 634 ) Copy in the Shrine of Thunder by the docks in Lavastorm in order to receive the quest.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Speak with Sa'ib Waseem in the Hall of Wizardry in The City of Paineel at ( 1996, -298, 3340 ) Copy.
  2. Travel to The Eye of Dartain and collect the book The Art of Spellshifting. The book is on a desk at ( 1805, 0, 4304 ) Copy EQ2MAP POI. (It has a star on the cover.)
  3. Return to Sa'ib Waseem.
  4. You are instructed to check on Apprentice Tam, who has not yet returned.
    • Head into the Vermin Caves at ( 1458, -120, 3064 ) Copy and "Inspect" Apprentice Tam's body at ( 1255, -166, 3295 ) Copy. (Inspecting Tam's body will not break any Invis. spell)
  5. Return to Sa'ib Waseem with Tam's empty satchel.
  6. Since Tam's satchel was empty, you must return to the Vermin Caves and take back the Fiery Jewel.
  7. Return to Sa'ib Waseem
  8. You are instructed to collect components to create a new jewel.

    A twilight bloom

    • Collect 6 Twilight Blooms from Toxxulia Forest. These are around the area where the feral bruisers, Toxxulia savages and the bristlevine abhorrences roam. Some locs include:
      • 573, 144, 3052 ) Copy
      • 523, 146, 3179 ) Copy
      • 450, 144, 3170 ) Copy
      • 483, 147, 3193 ) Copy
      • 533, 124, 3341 ) Copy
      • 667, 151, 3009 ) Copy
    Although the twilight blooms look similar to Toxxulia flower buds, they are not the same thing. The twilight blooms have a sparkle effect and cannot be tracked.
  9. Return to Sa'ib Waseem with the components.
  10. Return to the Vermin Caves and find a "luminescent location" with "arcane infused waters" and saturate your new Jewel of the Underfoot.
    • The update is at ( 1293, -249, 3241 ) Copy at the bottom of the waterfall. Click on the luminescent item on the ground near the bottom of the pool. Note this will break invisibility or stealth.
    • Malefactor Reekiteeth (85^) will spawn and attack you.
    • Pick up the Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot.
  11. Return to Sa'ib Waseem to complete the quest.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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