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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category World Event  (AA)
Journal Level Scales with player level
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone West Freeport more
How to Start Speak to Gandy Gearlotta55, -20, 77 ) Copy
part of: Heroes' Festival Timeline
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What does this information mean? This is an unlimited repeatable quest (after a cool-down period of 2 hours)

Notes[edit | edit source]

The markers for placing event decorations is a green sparkle.

  • All of the decoration locations are marked with a green sparkle that looks similar to a collection "shiny" from a distance.
  • If working on this and placing the lanterns for the lost decorations quest, you may have to pass by the same general areas a few times, as the refresh between setting the Ro Candle and the paper lanterns may have a considerable time gap.

Steps[edit | edit source]

  1. Find 4 places to "celebrate" in Freeport by setting a Ro Candle off. The activation points look and act like green shinies.
    • Along the row of shops in West Freeport ( 161, -3, -93 ) Copy or ( 85, -10, -23 ) Copy
    • By the statue of the overlord in West Freeport ( 241, -4, 116 ) Copy or ( 220, -3, 102 ) Copy
    • Along Victory Road in South Freeport-90, -25, 154 ) Copy or ( -78, -25, 266 ) Copy
    • On the docks in South Freeport ( -267, -56, 204 ) Copy or ( -294, -56, 136 ) Copy
  2. Return to Gandy Gearlotta

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Repeating the quest for the fifth time offers an additional reward:

Mischevas-tribute.jpg This article refers to events, personae, items and activities only present in-game during the annual Heroes' Festival event. Heroes' Festival comes to Norrath for a short time, generally around the beginning of November.

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