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==Item triggered==
==Item triggered==
# [[Lore and Legend: Burynai]] (72)
# [[Lore and Legend: Burynai]] (72)
# [[Lore and Legend: Di'Zok]] (70)
# [[Lore and Legend: Yha-Lei]] (70)
# [[Lore and Legend: Yha-Lei]] (70)

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Fens of Nathsar Timeline
Recommended Levels 70 to 73
Introduced: Rise of Kunark
Difficulty: Solo
Starts in: Fens of Nathsar
Preceded by: Kylong Plains Timeline
Followed by: Kunzar Jungle Timeline
Fens of Nathsar Timeline [edit]
The Order of Rime
Riliss Faction (Iksar)
Froglok Captive and Misc
Bathezid's Watch Faction (Sarnak)
Omen's Call
Bellywhumper Faction
Kurn's Tower Access
Exiles of Droga Faction
Item triggered

From the outset, all players are kill-on-sight (KOS) to both the Sarnak and the Iksar in this zone. Players have the opportunity to gain faction with both groups as they quest in the region. It is possible to gain faction with both the Sarnak and the Iksar, though care must be taken because some quests involve killing members of the other faction (which results in a loss of faction with that side.)

Riliss (Iksar) Faction

Where to Begin

Speak with Assistant Vihl, near the zone in from the Kylong Plains.

  1. Handed Down (71)
  2. Vihl's Errand (71)

Sathir's Span Series

The following quests can be done in any order, or concurrently. Quest givers are shown in italics.

Once you have better than -26000 faction with Rillis, the following quest becomes available.

Riliss Series

Merchant Vix

  1. Prowler Pelts (73)
  2. Crystal Gardeners (72)
  3. Sabertooth Fangs (72)
  4. Feathers and Feets (72)
  5. Sarnshak Baubles (71)
  6. Brute Shag (73)

Froglok Captive

  1. Sarnak Interlopers (73) - beginning with Crusader Jelexx
  2. To the Pens (72)
  3. Sleeping Pills (72) - continuing with Keeper Gresrik in the Western Pens
  4. Riliss Bound (and Gagged)
  5. An Indecent Proposal (72) - continuing with Trooper Kresix
  6. Conciliatory Delivery (72)

Merchant Paxi

Offered only after completing the matching quest from Merchant Vix

  1. Superior Prowler Pelts (73)
  2. Superior Sabertooth Fangs (73)
  3. Superior Feathers and Feets (72)
  4. Superior Sarnshak Baubles (72)
  5. Superior Brute Shag (73)

Misc Riliss Faction Quests

Balthezid's Watch (Sarnak) Faction

Where to Begin

Speak with Outrider Kelgyn, along the coast of the Lake of Ill Omen, west of Assistant Vihl, up on the cliffs.

Balthezid's Watch Series

The following quests can be done in any order, or concurrently. Quest givers are shown in italics.

Legionnaire Captain Valkan

  1. Advancing on the Advancers (72)
  2. Riliss Lieutenants (72 heroic)

Scouting in Balthezid's Watch

  1. Scouting for Scouts (72) - beginning with Dragoon Tiwin
  2. Mystic Advice (72)
  3. Scalerot Cure (72) - continuing with Oracle Vorzalka
  4. Warding Blood (72)
  5. The Source (72)
  6. Death to S'neuchi (72 heroic)

Omen's Call

  1. Murderous Thugs (73) - continuing with Auleren Faithheart
  2. Intentional Roughing (71)
  3. Calling in the Cavalry (71)
  4. Finish It (72) - continuing with Thalin Trueguard)

Misc Omen's Call Quests

Hydiel Lawborne

Item triggered

  1. Lore and Legend: Burynai (72)
  2. Lore and Legend: Yha-Lei (70)

Quests Giving Bellywhumper Faction

Pulnil the Haggler

  1. Haggler's Dozen (71)
  2. What's Theirs is Mine (74)
  3. Unbury the Past (72)
  4. Tribute to the Baron (74)
  5. She Has The Answer (74) - Klok Ilesia in Riliss

Quests Giving Exiles of Droga Faction

The following quests in the Drogan Exile Camp can be done in any order, or concurrently. Quest givers are shown in italics.

From Tinkerist Nalzie

  1. Smashing Tools (72)
  2. Hazardous Cleanup (72)
  3. Fernal Machines (72)
  4. The Inventor's Invention (74)

From Tinkerist Glazid

  1. Little Big Bang (72)
  2. Mediumer Bang (72)


  1. The Sarnshak (73)
  2. Sarnshak Sabateur (72)
  3. The Sarnshak Rebellion (72)
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