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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Butcherblock Mountains  (AA)
Journal Level 25 (Tier 3)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Butcherblock Mountains more
How to Start Speak with Verung Kae'Rush in West Fort Irontoe-261, 214, -158 ) Copy
part of: Butcherblock Mountains Timeline
Preceded by:
It Was Argro's Job
Followed by:
A Missing Package

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Steps[edit | edit source]

stirge egg

Click the rock to spawn the highland crawlers

  1. Complete the following tasks in no particular order:
    • Collect 10 stirge eggs in the fields West of the dwarven outpost.
    • Collect 10 pieces of meat by killing highland crawlers West of the dwarven outpost.
      • To spawn the crawlers, you must click the small rocks that they are hiding under near the larger boulders that surround the wooded area, just outside West Fort Irontoe.
      • The crawlers range from lvl 23 to 25
  2. Return to Verung Kae'Rush

Rewards[edit | edit source]

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