Fangbreaker Keep with an Ulteran Spire in the background.

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EverQuest II Point of Interest
Zone Antonica (Shattered Lands)
Location Near the Ulteran Spires above Windstalker Village at ( -2047, 15, -476 ) /waypoint -2047, 15, -476 Eq2map

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As with most keeps in the region, this is nothing but ruins. The werewolf-hunting, Order of the Fangbreakers was once based here. They once rid the Plains of Karana of its werewolves in The Age of Turmoil. Tales tell of a horde of werewolves slaying the entire order on this spot. The merchant lords of Caltorsis were quick to purchase the deed, an odd act considering they were at odds with the Order for quite some time.

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