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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission
Journal Level 5 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak to Steward Aelin ( 455, -21, 174 ) /waypoint 455, -21, 174 in Qeynos Capitol District or Steward Kres in The City of Freeport ( -204, -57, 162 ) /waypoint -204, -57, 162
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What does this information mean?


You can repeat the mission once per day. You may also delete the quest and wait approximately 10 minutes to be offered a new one.


The quest will ask you to capture 11 monsters, from one of the following categories, in an empty familiar cage that you receive from the Steward. Below are some suggestions for monsters that should update the quest, but these are not meant to be an exhaustive list.

  • Amphibians: turtles and frogs. Examples include far east island turtles in lower Moors, muck toads in The Peat Bog or sand tortoises in Outpost of the Overlord.
  • Aquatic creatures: crocodiles or crabs. Examples include crabs in The Thundering Steppes.
  • Bats: creates from the bat category. Examples include bats in Darklight Wood.
  • Bears: creatures from the bear category. Examples include briarpaws in Enchanted Lands, kodiaks in Antonica, glacier bears in Everfrost, bears in Outpost of the Overlord or bears in Oakmyst Forest.
  • Birds: hawks, vulrich, falcons and ducks. Examples include birds found in Antonica, near the oracle tower.
  • Boars: pigs and hellboars. Note that boarfiends will not update the quest. There are very few spawn locations for boars, so you may want to consider deleting the quest and requesting a new one in ten minutes. Alternatively, you can go to Nektropos Castle for swines (not the Swine Lord), and zone out and back in until you have 11.
    • Pigs also spawn in Thundering Steppes (Thundermist Village), and in Commonlands (Crossroads). These pigs have bags above their heads, but unfortunately you cannot capture them. Hopefully this will be corrected!
  • Bovids: cows, deer, sheep and camels. Examples include deer found in Commonlands or Enchanted Lands.
  • Canines: wolves and hyenas. Examples include timber wolves in Antonica.
  • Cats: lions, tigers, panthers, leopards and sabertooths. Examples include the Stelecats in POM or lions in Commonlands.
  • Dire creatures: raptors, dire bears, dire wolves, sasquatch or yeti. Examples include black wolves in Commonlands.
  • Drakes: drakes or fae drakes. Note that drakota will not update the quest, even if their name or appearence may indicate they would be drakes. The quest cannot be completed on the Fallen Gate server until the Echoes of Faydwer expansion is enabled.
  • Enchanted creatures: hellhounds, flying snakes and koalrat. Examples include blightrats in Rivervale, pond gliders at Crater Pond in Antonica or lashers in Enchanted Lands.)
  • Insects: spiders, beetles, crawlers, wasps and scorpions. Examples include bixies on the Bixie Island in Tenebrous Tangle, bees in Outpost of the Overlord or beetles in Forest Ruins, Darklight Wood or Commonlands.)
  • Mystical creatures: manticores, cockatrice, displacer beasts, rust monsters and owlbears. Examples include rust monsters on the Butcherblock Mountains beach or duststingers in Commonlands.)
  • Reptiles: chokidai and lizards. Examples include lizards or monitors in The Peat Bog, Commonlands ( 114, -43, 55 ) /waypoint 113.62, -42.70, 54.95 and ( -38, -46, 243 ) /waypoint -37.86, -46.47, 242.87 or Antonica.)
  • Rodents: rats, armadillos, beavers and badgers. Examples include rats found in Thieves Way, in Antonica near the Crater Pond, in Commonlands or The Peat Bog.)
  • Simians: apes, gorillas and monkeys. Examples include monkeys found in Maj'Dul near the Court of Coin or in Mystic Lake.

Hints and tips

  • To capture a monster, you need to be hated by the encounter, but you must not kill the encounter before you have used the cage.
  • Heroic triple-up monsters or raid encounters may not be caged.
  • If caging a low level monster, you may want to engage the encounter with your autoattack turned off (or not wielding weapons), with an ability that does not deal damage.

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