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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Mission
Journal Level 5 (Tier 1)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone see Starting the Quest below
How to Start Speak to Steward Aelin ( 455, -21, 174 ) /waypoint 455, -21, 174 in Qeynos Capitol District or Steward Kres in The City of Freeport ( -204, -57, 162 ) /waypoint -204, -57, 162
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Notes[edit | edit source]

  • You can only complete the mission once per day. If you have already completed the mission and need to wait until the next day, the Steward will reply with "I'll have more tasks for you tomorrow, <your name>."
  • You can delete the quest, then re-hail the Steward to receive a new random quest. For BoL content, cats, insects, and reptiles are ideal.
  • "Grey" creatures can give updates, too. To be in fight you can e.g. fear or root the mob (without damage...so have an eye on your trigger effects). For more possibilities see the Hint section below!

Rewards Distribution[edit | edit source]

Statistic is based on 165 drops.

Type Chance XP
Treasured 83% 100
Legendary 14.5% 1000
Fabled 2.5% 12500

Familiar XP table[edit | edit source]

The grind time estimations assumes that you do this quest once per day. Since the reset time is 18 hours, you can do it 4 times per 3 days(you can factor the estimation by 1.33 in this case).

Level Treasured Legendary Fabled Celestial
2 (120% of level 1 stats) 100 800 4.0k 20.0k

~ 1m 7d of grind

3 (140% of level 1 stats) 300 2.4k 12.0k

~ 22d of grind


~ 3m 21d of grind

4 (160% of level 1 stats) 700 5.6k 28.0k

~ 1m 21d of grind


~ 8m 19d of grind

5 (180% of level 1 stats) 1.3k 10.4k

~ 19d of grind


~ 3m 6d of grind


~ 1y 3m 26d of grind

6 (200% of level 1 stats) 2.1k 16.8k

~ 1m 1d of grind


~ 5m 5d of grind


~ 2y 1m 17d of grind

7 (220% of level 1 stats) 3.1k 24.8k

~ 1m 15d of grind


~ 7m 19d of grind


~ 3y 1m 23d of grind

8 (240% of level 1 stats) 4.3k 34.4k

~ 2m 3d of grind


~ 10m 18d of grind


~ 4y 4m 12d of grind

9 (260% of level 1 stats) 5.7k 45.6k

~ 2m 24d of grind


~ 1y 1m 27d of grind


~ 5y 9m 16d of grind

10 (280% of level 1 stats) 7.4k

~ 13d of grind


~ 3m 19d of grind


~ 1y 6m 3d of grind


~ 7y 6m 5d of grind

Steps[edit | edit source]

The quest will ask you to capture 11 monsters/creatures/etc., from one of the following categories below, in an empty familiar cage that you will receive from the Steward. Below are some suggestions for monsters that should update the quest (this is not a complete list).

Hints and Tips[edit | edit source]

If you are Max Level, (110 currently) You can mentor to 10-20 and still have over a million HP. even lvl 80's wont be able to hurt you. just walk up and let them aggro and snag them.

Most of the familiars (fabled and ethereal) have some damage proc, so it's better to unsummon your familiar (if you have any) and remove all damage proc items from your gear before you start caging creatures. Fighter classes that have Planar Mastery: Fighter should unequip it to take the damage effect off of most taunts and detaunts.

An alternative is to engage them from range - most procs are limited range, so if the mob is too far away, they won't be hit. Most of the spells mentioned have a decent range, and the cage spell may cast well before it loses its red shading.

If you unsummon your familiar, don't forget to re-summon before Examining the new one, or you won't get the option to give XP to your current familiar.

See also[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Confirmed random familiar crate awards
Season 7 Season 6
Treasured (blue) Ancient Ripper
Bixel Grub
Bull Stegorachodon
Doomfire Spark
Golden Treeglider
Stoneclaw Basilisk
Obol Sludgeling
Red Barn Owl
Skeletal Cobra
Spiritual Protector
Spotted Leopard
Stone of Gygax
Legendary (yellow) Lingering Raider
Sootpaw Direbear
Spectral Chokidai
Ticking Arachnid
Innovative Scanner
Pox Incarnate
Rotting Bullgore
Rotting Macaw
Fabled (purple) Cinder Wasp
Eroding Wind
Failed Mutation
Fire Quacker
Remnant of Tartan


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