Tip Tip: Wednesday, June 5, 2019: This server will get merged into Antonia Bayle (Server)
EverQuest II Server Information
Server Fallen Gate Created
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Fallen Gate was a Time Locked Expansion (TLE) server. Unlike most TLE servers, it did include the newer adventure classes, Channeler and Beastlord. Rather than having a vote on the new expansion release, it was set to update to the new (to that server) content every 12 weeks.

Closure and Character TransfersEdit

As of June 5th, 2019 players with characters remaining on this server will be merged with the Antonia Bayle (RP) Server. Guilds will remain in-tact with all ranks, notes, etc. retained in the roster after the transfer.

Starting on April 16, 2019 players can elect to use a free server transfer token to go to any server they choose, provided they do so ahead of the final date.

To avoid duplicate names, characters that are native to Antonia Bayle need to be logged on at least 60 days before the merge. If two characters have the same name and have both been logged in within 60 days or less, the newest character will have a Z at the end of the name and a name-change potion will be granted to that character.

Players who elect to automatically transfer to AB only need to pick up soul-bound items placed in guild halls during large transfers like this. All other items will transfer without the need to pack. Players should save a template of their housing and/or guild halls in case of errors, but all items should be as they were on the previous server. Guilds will remain in-tact with all ranks, notes, etc. retained in the roster.

Players who chose to transfer to another server by using their free token instead of going to AB by default, should read about how the Server Transfer Tokens work and prepare for transfer according to that function.


Info above is a summary. Players can read the full announcement and Q&A info on the official Daybreak site.

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