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Fallen Gate
Levels 18-33
The First Gate.png
There is evil here that does not sleep.
Introduced Shattered Lands
Zone Type Public
Adjacent to The Commonlands
Instances The Vault of the Fallen
Quest Lines Fallen Gate Timeline
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[The Gong of Uglan], a great magical artifact, was given to an ogre warlord during the The Age of Cataclysms. It is said that dark elf blacksmiths crafted this artifact out of a magical alloy and rewarded it to the ogre warlord Uglan for a deed...a mysterious deed.


Fallen Gate is the remnant of the foreign quarter of the Dark Elf city of Neriak, City of Hate. There are two leading theories describing the event that brought about the ruin of the area. What is unanimously agreed upon is that a united army of Leatherfoot Halflings and Kithicor Rangers invaded Neriak some three hundred years ago.

The first theory states that Dark Elf Queen Cristanos Thex ordered necromancer Tseralith to unleash a terrible magical attack upon the invaders. The magnitude of the attack was tragically miscalculated and the Teir'Dal with their Ogre and Troll allies fell victim to the force of the magic. The outer gate of the city, including the foreign quarter, was reduced to ruins and sealed forever to all outsiders.

The second theory holds that a powerful arcane device was smuggled into Neriak during the siege by the halflings. When it detonated it unleashed a quake so massive that the caverns surrounding The First Gate and foreign quarter collapsed and sealed the place off from the living. (Source - Drund Mordgraahl Skullsprain)

One for the ogres.

One for the trolls.

However, regardless of the method in which The First Gate and the foreign quarter were destroyed, the ruins currently known as Fallen Gate are inhabited by undead zombies, ghosts and skeletons. These undead are all that is left from the citizens of the foreign quarter and the dark elf, halfling, ogre and troll combatants of the final battle. When Fallen Gate was revamped in LU18 it was invaded by The Thexians, a group of fanatical dark elf purists obsessed with the reclamation of Neriak. They sought an entrance back into Neriak, only they didn't count on the high number and strength of undead stalking the ruin. There must be some malevolent force giving these undead denizens strength.

One for the dark elves

According to Drund Mordgraahl Skullsprain, a scholar of ancient ogre religion, "ancient records state that ogres and trolls of the First Gate worshiped a lost deity. This was not long before the city's disappearance. When the great First Gate perished, so too did the secrets of this lost religion and their deity." Lining the walls of the dungeon are three unique bright red runes, seen on the right. Presumably these are three representations of this deity, one design for each race that worshiped it: one for the ogres, one for the trolls, and one for the dark elves. But with such different depictions, are they of different deities? Or are they all aspects of the same god? The answer lies in the deep...



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