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Faction Description
The Academy of Arcane Science The Academy of Arcane Science is one of the oldest and most esteemed schools of knowledge on Norrath. They make their home in Freeport where they are free to delve into arts that are forbidden in most societies.
The Evol Ew Lizardmen The Alliz Evol Ew are a savage tribe of lizardmen that inhabit the jungles of The Feerrott. They worship the influence of Fear which directs them to defend the island and its monuments from any invader. They are cousins fo the cannibalistic Alliz Tae Ew.
The Alliz Raef Ew The Alliz Raef Ew are an unusual tribe of lizardmen that has come to dwell within the Desert of Ro. They have adapted to this arid environment, using the unfortunate victims of the inhospitable desert as a means of survival. Their reason for being centers around their god, a mythical giant reptile.
The Tae Ew Lizardmen The Alliz Tae Ew are a cannibalistic tribe of lizardmen that live within the jungle of The Feerrott. These lizards are members of a cult of Fear called Thulians. They are cousins to the Alliz Evol Ew, whom they often feed upon as their dark lords instruct them to.
The Anaz Mal Gnolls The Anaz Mal is a relatively obscure and hostile gnoll clan that dwells in the Desert of Ro. These gnolls have adapted to the hot environments of the desert. They have an unusual affinity towards all things undead.
The Ashen Disciples The Ashen Disciples are the result of a philosophical split within the Ashen Order. Abandoning the virtues of tranquility and wisdom in favor of strength and discipline, these monks deny the existence of the old gods and seek to gain greater temporal power through strength of arms.
The Ashen Order The Ashen Order is one of the oldest monk clans on Norrath, credited with establishing many of the founding principles of the monk. They removed themselves from society decades ago to seek a more humble life within their desert fortress of T'Narev
The Asilian Fairies These faeries are a once demure community of fairies that now fight to survive in Nektulos Forest since being driven from the cataclysms of the Underfoot. They now find themselves in a war for resources with a fellow fairy community of Sullian Fairies.
The Aravu Naga The Aravu Naga are a small group of exiles from The Shimmering Citadel. After being banished by the Djinn, they now only seek to right that single wrong.
The Awakened Located within the floating islands of the Overrealm known as Dragon Isles, this alliance of powerful dragonkind threatens to take over all of Norrath.
Bazzt Bzzt Bixie Brood Descended from the great bixie queen, Bazzt Bzzt of the Plane of Sky, this bixie brood has recently found themselves in the Overrealm of Norrath
The Blackshield Smugglers This band of smugglers based out of The Commonlands are gaining in both wealth and power. The source of their sudden increase in capital is unknown.
The Blacktalon Located within the desert islands of The Barren Sky, this clan of Aviaks is made up of loyal servants to the empire of the Awakened.
The Bloodsabers The Bloodsabers are a band of cutthroats that populate the sewers of Qeynos. They are a mixed race coalition.
  • The following mobs lower this faction:
    • Bloodsaber lookout
    • Bloodsaber initiate
    • Bloodsaber meddler
    • Bloodsaber ratonga
    • Bloodsaber specialist
    • Bloodsaber proficient
    • Bloodsaber adept (Vermin's Snye)
    • Bloodsaber adjunct
The Bloodskull Orcs The Bloodskull Orcs are a relatively new clan of orcs that has begun to operate near the city of Freeport. Unlike the larger orc empires, the Bloodskulls do not seem to have a fortified capital nor do they seem to be interested in conquest.
The Celestial Watch Acting as a beacon of benevolence, the Celestial Watch is the religious backbone of the Kingdom of Qeynos. This order praises the gods of Love, Valor and Honor.
The Char'Gin The Char'Gin is a tribe of sdesert nomads that roam the desert lands of Ro. They are one of the affluent tribes of the desert and much of their wealth has come from their gift for mining.
The City of Thurgadin No info listed on the Destiny of Velious factions page in-game for this group.
Clan Crushbone The savage and cunning orcs of Clan Crushbone have long posed a threat to the inhabitants of Faydwer, maintaining one of the oldest and most feared orc empires on all of Norrath.
Clan Ry'Gorr No info listed on the Destiny of Velious factions page in-game for this group.
Clan Smokehorn An honorable but deadly clan of minotaur that reside in the Steamfont Mountains. Victims of past slave raids, they are extremely cautions of strangers, however, their trust can be earned.
Clan Thrael'Gorr Enslaved for several generations, these former Ry'Gorr orcs have all but forgotten the freedom and respect their Kromzek owners once gave them.
Claws of Veeshan Embattled in the ancient city of Skyshrine, this ancient droag civilization welcomes the aid of adventurers.
The Coalition of Tradesfolke The Coalition of Tradesfolke is the ruling trade organization of Freeport. They oversee all trade operations of Freeport and do away with any competition with extreme prejudice..
The Concordium The Concordium consider themselves the keepers of the arcane arts. They wield their magic in defense of Qeynos and continue their research in arcane arts that may be used to better all Norrathians.
The Court of Al'Afaz The denizens of the Court of Al'Afaz are as mysterious as they are powerful.
The Court of the Blades The Court of the Blades is ruled by the Caliph of the Blades, Dukarem. Their primary responsibility is the protection of the city from the hostile creatures of the desert, chief of which are the orcs of Rujark.
The Court of the Coin The Court of the Coin is led by the Caliph of Coin, Neriph. They control the flow of money in the city (Maj'Dul), including merchant transactions, banking and wagering. The Golden Scepter is the center of the Dervin economy.
The Court of Truth The Court of Truth is led by the Caliph of Truth, Ishara. Their primary responsibility is to gather and maintain the knowledge of the Dervish people. They also are heavily involved in the law making associated with the Arena Games.
The Court of the Master Djinn Very little is known about this faction.
The Deathfist Orcs The Deathfist Empire is one of the greatest threats to the civilized societies of The Shattered Lands. This orc empire maintains a vast war machine that has claimed Zek, the Orcish Wastes, a former resource-rich forest island, as their new base of operations.
The Dervish Cutthroats The Dervish Cutthroats are said to be the largest bandit organization that ever existed. They have long since terrorized settlers and travelers of the overland. These bandits can be found throughout the Shattered Lands, but they are most prevalent in The Commonlands.
The Dismal Rage The Dismal Rage is religious foundation of Freeport. This organization pays homage to the darker powers of Norrath, the principals of Fear, Hate, and War. Representatives are located in the Temple of War in North Freeport.
The Dreadguard The elite neriak guard, fanatically loyal to their general and Queen.
The Dreadnaughts The Dreadnaughts are a brutal mob of bruisers who have dominated all other gangs within Freeport. Founded upon the principles of strength and intimidation, the Dreadnaughts act as the Overlord's enforcers to control the streets and alleyways of the city.
Drednever Expedition Before the Shattering, the Observers of Ak'Anon tasked the famous explorers Dabner Drednever and Ognit Ezertob with forming an expedition to explore new and uncharted lands.
The D'Vinnian Court Emperor D'Vinn rules over the orcs of Clan Crushbone and leads the remnants of the Thexian army that once threated to conquer all of Faydwer.
The Enchanted Reapers The Enchanted Reapers are the evil horde of beasts that invaded Enchanted Lands. Their origin is a mystery. Their malevolent actions have brought sorrow upon a land once filled with happiness.
The Far Seas Trading Company The Far Seas Trading Company rose to great heights during the Age of Cataclysms, created from the union of survivng seafarers. Their flotillas now act as a lifeline between societies great and small, often rescuing survivors while gathering resources within the Shattered Lands.
Far Seas Supply Division A supply branch of the Far Seas Trading Company. Stationed on the Isle of Mara, they offer several exciting tradeskill quests to those who have proven their worth. The rewards include all of the tradeskill armor and jewelry.
Forgemasters of Thurgadin The forgemasters of Thurgadin comprise those residents of Thurgadin who support the city through their artisanal labors.
The Forsaken City [information needed]
The Freeport Militia The Freeport Militia is the defensive force of Freeport. This merciless fighting force defends the walls of Freeport as well as the borderlands of the great city. Representatives are located in West Freeport.
The Fugutr Tribe The devout Satyr followers of Tunare found within The Lesser Faydark. This tribe of creatures originally from the Plane of Growth are found still protecting the various shrines and relics of Tunare.
Gazers of the Overrealm The orogin of these magical entities is a mystery. The answer may lie among the ruins of the Rending.
Gloompall Fairies These sinister fairies have made a home in the Tenebrous Tangle. Their alliance with the Gazers may not be as solid as it appears.
Goblins of Fire Peak This tribe of fire goblins have made their home in the burning caverns of Solusek's Eye.
The Great Herd Roaming across the plains of The Thundering Steppes is the centaur society known only as the Great Herd. These centaurs have learned to live off the land and trust no one if they wish to survive the perils of the Age of Destiny.
The Green Hoods The Green Hoods are an elite band of resistance fighters located in the Orcish Wastes. Before the Shattering, this force was a highly mobile regiment of the Qeynos Guard. They have since broken off to form their own organization while still aiding Qeynos whenever possible.
The Guardians of the Vale The once large halfling nation has been reduced to a few staunch stouts that strive to exist within Enchanted Lands. These are the Guardians of the Vale, a peaceful people forced to raise arms in order to defend against the evil that has overtaken their homeland.
The Guardians of Thyr Deep within the fiery abyss of the volcanic lands dwell the Guardians of Thyr, cruel fire giants. From an underworld they call Thyr they act as the frontline defense of their master, the red dragon, Lord Nagafen.
Hand of Marr The Good faction for Bloodline Chronicles.
Iceclad Pirates The crafters and tinkerers among the Iceclad Pirates are a skilled and independent group, prone to great creativity and occasional explosions.
The Ironforge Exchange Overseeing all trade operation of Qeynos is the Ironforge Exhange. This is an ancient trade organization ruled by one of the most affluent trade families of the Kingdom of Qeynos.
The Irontoe Brigade Tumpy's pals.
The Kaentrik Bards The Kaentrik Bards are a group of famous master bards from the old age. They have gathered together to fight against the Djinn after learing the horrid secrets of what happens within The Shimmering Citadel.
The Kromise Thundering across the frigid tundra of Everfrost is the Kromise, giants formed of frost and ice. These titanic brutes have long claimed the chilly Northlands and will not tolerate the presence of outlanders.
The League of Freethinkers The League of Freethinkers is a mysterious and loose-knit organization of hunters. Membership into this secret society is rare and only by invitation. They can be encountered throughout Norrath. What they hunt is unknown.
The Lost Children of Marr Taken by the young dragon, Venekor, to the Overrealm as prizes and servants, thse frogloks have begun to slip from his grasp.
Maj'Dul Citizens The citizens of Maj'Dul can very easily trace their ancestry back to the Dervish cutthroats that roamed the Desert of Ro centuries ago.
The Marked A secretive and silent group, the membership of the Marked seems to be entirely Ratonga. While it is unknown what goals this group pursues, they will without a doubt bring trouble to the other races of Norrath.
Mistmoore The minions, agents and associates of Mayong Mistmoore, Dark Lord of the Loping Plains.
The Muckflick Goblins [information needed]
The Myntr Tribe A tribe of Satyrs that live in the mountains above New Tunaria.
The Mystic Guardians The druidic creatures of the Mystic Guardians are devoted to protecting their surroundings from any sort of corruption that threatens the island of Mara.
New Tunarian Citizens Citizens of New Tunaria.
The Nizari [information needed]
Order of Arcane Science and magic combine in the Order's chambers, allowing its members to focus their energies on ancient studies to improve Growth and vitality.
The Order of Rime Little is known about the Order of Rime and their powerful leader, Kraytoc Killingfrost!
The Order of the Blade These fierce maidens of the cold blade are rumored to be the children of the Ice Goddess, E'ci. They believe that only through intense combat and challenge can true honor be obtained.
The Ortallians The Ortallians are a desert dwelling caste of fanatical followers of Solusek Ro, a deity of flames. This small caste sprang up ages ago from a crusade started by a valorous orc named Ortallius.
Othmir Artisans The othmir of velious are swift and nimble-fingered, and include among their number many skilled artisans.
Othmir of Velious No info listed on the Destiny of Velious factions page in-game for this group.
Pirates of Gunthak These merciless brutes sail the seas of Norrath seeking weaker targets whose resources they can plunder. They have been known to go to great lengths to obtain rare and valuable treasure.
Protectors of Growth Named directly after the guardians of the Plane of Growth, these Protectors maintain their skills to protect and defend Kelethin and the Fae.
The Qeynos Guard The Qeynos Guard is the valorous defensive force of the City of Qeynos. They defend the city and residents of not only Qeynos, but also any ally of Qeynos in the continent of Karan.
The Ree Orcs The Ree Raiders are a small clandestine band of orcs that operate somewhere on the continent of D'Lere. They are plunderers that will seize goods to use as trade with any organization that will do business with them.
The Rujarkian Orcs The Rujarkian Empire is one of the largest and mightiest orc empires on Norrath. They have sway over all the other orc empires great and small. The Rujarkians maintain a vast fortress homeland built into what is left of the great Rujarkian Hills.
The Runnyeye Goblins The Runnyeye Goblins have long been subjugated by their evil eye taskmasters, forced to toil and do battle at the whim of their powerful overlords. They can often be found salvaging what others would call refuse and bringing it back to their underground forges to be reshaped into tools of war.
The Sabertooth Gnolls The Sabertooth Clan is the largest known clan of gnolls inhabiting the Shattered Lands. These gnolls are comprised of many smaller packs that have banded together to bring about the end of the great cities of men, whom the have viewed as an eternal foe.
The Sandscrawlers The Sandscrawlers are a clan of goblins located in The Pillars of Flame. They are terrible diplomats and tend to eat anything that they happen to kill.
The Seamist Faeries These fairyfolke have long existed in the magical woodlands of Enchanted Lands. Though these fairies generally maintain a docile nature, a few of their ilk have been driven to rage in an attempt to survive in a homeland ravaged by evil forces.
Snowfang Gnolls A typically peaceful tribe. The Snowfang gnolls have carved out their existence fishing in the frigid waters of the Icy Fingers. Their tranquil lifestyle has recently been shattered, however, by increasing attacks from undead pouring from the nearby Tower of Frozen Shadow.
The Spirits of Marr The Spirits of Marr were once noble order known as the Knights of Truth. Slain by Sir Lucan D'Lere and the Freeport Militia, their spirits have been eternally bound to the Freeport Graveyard.
The Steppes Settlers The residents of The Thundering Steppes once lived solitary lives, but the ravages of war and the wrath of nature have brought the settlers together to form this well-organized, yet loose-knit, society.
The Strifewing Located within the desert islands of The Barren Sky, this clan of Vultaks is in constant conflict with the local Aviak clan known as the Blacktalon.
The Sullian Fairies The Sullians are a community of fairies that have been driven from their subterranean homelands and now fight for survival within Nektulos Forest. The now find themselves in a war of resources with a fellow fairy community of Asilian Fairies.
The Swiftrider Mercenaries The Swiftrider Mercenaries are the life line bewteen the warring factions of nomads found in the Desert of Ro. Their only goal is to make gold.
Sylvan Hunters The scout guild is in place to survey the land for threats and report them to the leadership of the Fae. Located in Kelethin.
The Temple of Scale The Temple of Scale is made up of the zealous religious followers of the Awakened. The leader of the Temple is Harla Dar, high priestess of this mysterious dragon clan dwelling in the clouds.
The Thexians The Thexians are dark elves that promote the return of traditional ways of the Teir'Dal, something that has vanished since their refuge within the walls for Freeport, a city of men. The Thexians operate in secrecy and seek only the alliance of Teir'Dal.
Thulian Knights Crusaders of Fear, the amygdalans continue their directive to spread terror among all things.
Tizmak Clan No info listed on the Destiny of Velious factions page in-game for this group.
The Tribunal The favor of The Tribunal, The Council of Justice.
Tunare The favor of Tunare, the goddess of Growth
The Tunarian Alliance Taking their name from the goddess of nature, the Tunarian Alliance act as the elite scouts of Qeynos and defenders of the laws of nature. They are comprised of rangers and druids from throughout the Shattered Lands.
Underpaw Gnolls [information needed]
The Windgazer The Windgazers are a small clan of Hooluks that live in seclusion within the isles of The Barren Sky. They hide themselves to avoid being constantly hunted by more aggressive and powerful aviak clans such as The Blacktalon and The Strifewing
The Windsisters The Windsisters are a group of Harpies dwelling in the Pillars of Flame. Be careful, as harpies are known to kill you just so they can eat your heart.
The Whistling Fists Clan Founded centuries ago by the legendary Zan Fi, the Whistling Fists Clan was the original order of monks on Norrath. They refused to become an arm of the Combine Empire and sought solitude on the isolated island of Mara