This timeline gives the details of the collection quests introduced as part of the Fabled Echoes of Faydwer update. These collections listed here are part of the overall list of collections available in EverQuest II, which are listed at Collection Quests Timeline.

The collections that are listed below are needed to get the Torque of Ancient Faydwer neckpiece.

An overview of how the collections needed to obtain the neckpiece are linked together can be viewed at Fabled Echoes of Faydwer Collection Timeline/Summary.

Summary Edit

This is a summary of the main hierarchy of collection quests added as part of the EOF Fabled update.

(1) There are five shiny collections (numbers 1-5 below) completed from ground spawns in Advanced Solo (AS) zones. These allow the completion of the Marrow meta-collection, and earn the Ancient Mistmoore Catacombs Map for the final collection.

(2) There are fifteen more shiny collections (numbers 6-20 below) completed from chest drops from named mobs in AS and Heroic zones and ground spawns in heroic zones. These allow the completion of the King Klak'Anon Scepters meta-collection, and earn the Ancient Lesser Faydark Map for the final collection.

(3) There is a collection item that is dropped from Master Clockwork Protocol in the Fabled Court of Innovation heroic zone. It has been reported that this is also a very rare chest drop in the AS zones. This is the Ancient Faydwer Continent Map for the final collection. Note that this item is NO TRADE.

(4) Upon completion of the King Klak'Anon Scepters meta-collection, BLUE SHINIES become visible in heroic zones (three per zone). There are five blue shiny collections (numbers 21-25 below). These allow the completion of the Freethinker Documents meta-collection, and earn the Ancient Loping Plains Map for the final collection.

(5) Once the blue shinies have been completed, GREEN SHINIES become visible in heroic zones, two per zone. There are two green shiny collections (numbers 26-27 below). These allow earning the Ancient Butcherblock Mountains Map and the Ancient Steamfont Mountains Map for the final collection.

(6) Once the green shinies have been completed, PURPLE SHINIES become visible in heroic zones, one per zone. There is one purple shiny collection (number 28 below). This allows earning the Ancient Greater Faydark Map for the final collection.

Note that although the shinies of each colour are not visible until those of the immediately previous colour have been completed, they can still be bought from other players and added to the collections.

Basic Collections Edit

1. Bloodcovet Beads

  • Bloodcovet Beads of Time
  • Bloodcovet Beads of Power
  • Bloodcovet Beads of Worship
  • Bloodcovet Beads of Arms
  • Bloodcovet Beads of Honor
    • Reward Boiler Marrow (for the Marrow meta-collection)

2. Mana Infused Runes

  • Mana Infused Rune of Arts
  • Mana Infused Rune of Double Cast
  • Mana Infused Rune of War
  • Mana Infused Rune of Battle
  • Mana Infused Rune of Spells
    • Reward Ravager Marrow (for the Marrow meta-collection)

3. D'Vinnian Cameos

  • Ivory D'Vinnian Cameo
  • Etched D'Vinnian Cameo
  • Wooden D'Vinnian Cameo
  • Golden D'Vinnian Cameo
  • Stone D'Vinnian Cameo
    • Reward Feeder Marrow (for the Marrow meta-collection)

4. Shields of the Klakdyne Gearknight

  • Titanium Shield of the Klakdyne Gearknight
  • Velium Shield of the Klakdyne Gearknight
  • Steel Shield of the Klakdyne Gearknight
  • Alloy Shield of the Klakdyne Gearknight
  • Iron Shield of the Klakdyne Gearknight
    • Reward Ripper Marrow (for the Marrow meta-collection)

5. Trueborn Cummerbunds

  • Wooly Trueborn Cummerbund
  • Ironed Trueborn Cummerbund
  • Silken Trueborn Cummerbund
  • Jeweled Trueborn Cummerbund
  • Sanguine Trueborn Cummerbund
    • Reward Zylphax Marrow (for the Marrow meta-collection)

6. Departed Souls

  • Bloodcovet Departed Soul
  • D'Vinnian Departed Soul
  • Drelock Departed Soul
  • Marrow Departed Soul
  • Trueborn Departed Soul

7. Bloodcovet Cordon

  • Bloodcovet Cordon of Death
  • Bloodcovet Cordon of Hostility
  • Bloodcovet Cordon of Ire
  • Bloodcovet Cordon of Life
  • Bloodcovet Cordon of Sanguine

8. Mechnamagica

  • Corroded Mechnamagica
  • Iron Mechnamagica
  • Polished Mechnamagica
  • Rusted Mechnamagica
  • Steel Mechnamagica

9. Power Cells

  • Golden Power Cell
  • Charged Power Cell
  • Iron Power Cell
  • Copper Power Cell
  • Eruptive Power Cell

10. Symbols of the Blade Geist

  • Blade Geist Symbol of Blood
  • Blade Geist Symbol of Chaos
  • Blade Geist Symbol of Destruction
  • Blade Geist Symbol of Doom
  • Blade Geist Symbol of Strength

11. Trueborn Cordon

  • Trueborn Cordon of Courage
  • Trueborn Cordon of Family
  • Trueborn Cordon of Grace
  • Trueborn Cordon of Honor
  • Trueborn Cordon of Time

12. Mana Infused Objects

  • Mana Infused Obelisk
  • Mana Infused Orb
  • Mana Infused Talisman
  • Mana Infused Totem
  • Mana Infused Wand

13. Crushbone Brands

  • Brand of the Crushbone Centurion
  • Brand of the Crushbone Conscript
  • Brand of the Crushbone Emissary
  • Brand of the Crushbone Legionnaire
  • Brand of the Crushbone Oracle

14. D'Vinnian Objects

  • D'Vinnian Blood Armor
  • D'Vinnian Blood Axe
  • D'Vinnian Blood Charm
  • D'Vinnian Blood Dagger
  • D'Vinnian Blood Oath

15. Emperor D'Vinn Possessions

  • Emperor D'Vinn's Emerald Pendant
  • Emperor D'Vinn's Golden Mirror
  • Emperor D'Vinn's Etched Flask
  • Emperor D'Vinn's Jeweled Dagger
  • Emperor D'Vinn's Ruby Ring

16. Animated Sentinel Runes

  • Rune of Animated Intelligence
  • Rune of Animated Motion
  • Rune of Animated Obedience
  • Rune of Animated Power
  • Rune of Animated Will

17. Drelock Markers

  • Bloody Drelock Marker
  • Broken Drelock Marker
  • Dirty Drelock Marker
  • Golden Drelock Marker
  • Soggy Drelock Marker

18. Bolgorak the Scourge

  • Bolgorak the Scourge's Axe
  • Bolgorak the Scourge's Gauntlets
  • Bolgorak the Scourge's Helm
  • Bolgorak the Scourge's Serrated Blade
  • Bolgorak the Scourge's War Hammer

19. Blades of the Klakdyne Gearknight

  • Fiery Battle Sword
  • Golden Bastard Sword
  • Iron Jagged Axe
  • Molten Great Sword
  • Platinum Claymore

20. Clockwork Defender Parts

  • Defender's Sturdy Bolt
  • Defender's Sturdy Chassis
  • Defender's Sturdy Cog
  • Defender's Sturdy Servo
  • Defender's Sturdy Wiring

21. Bloodcovet Daggers (Blue Shinies)

  • Bloodcovet Dagger of Monstrosity
  • Bloodcovet Dagger of Free Will
  • Bloodcovet Dagger of Night
  • Bloodcovet Dagger of Flaying
  • Bloodcovet Dagger of Murder

22. D'Morte Sigils (Blue Shinies)

  • D'Morte Sigil of Blood
  • D'Morte Sigil of Feeding
  • D'Morte Sigil of Potency
  • D'Morte Sigil of Substance
  • D'Morte Sigil of Tenacity

23. Drained Power Cells (Blue Shinies)

  • Copper Drained Power Cell
  • Correded Drained Power Cell
  • Velium Drained Power Cell
  • Alloy Drained Power Cell
  • Preserved Drained Power Cell

24. D'Vinnian Clasps (Blue Shinies)

  • D'Vinnian Bone Clasp
  • D'Vinnian Silver Clasp
  • D'Vinnian Etched Clasp
  • D'Vinnian Golden Clasp
  • D'Vinnian Ivory Clasp

25. Trueborn Shields (Blue Shinies)

  • Trueborn Shield of Conviction
  • Trueborn Shield of Desire
  • Trueborn Shield of Honor
  • Trueborn Shield of Intention
  • Trueborn Shield of Mind

26. Eidolons of Steamfont Mountains (Green Shinies)

  • Eidolon of Grikbar
  • Eidolon of Balespring
  • Eidolon of Bloodthorn
  • Eidolon of Smokehorn
  • Eidolon of Viridian
  • Eidolon of Mazkeen
  • Eidolon of Hydronach
  • Eidolon of Geonach

27. Eidolons of Butcherblock Mountains (Green Shinies)

  • Eidolon of Yarpsnarl
  • Eidolon of Krulkiel
  • Eidolon of Irontoe
  • Eidolon of Thex
  • Eidolon of Kragploom
  • Eidolon of Tydesylph
  • Eidolon of Shadesire
  • Eidolon of Slagslore

28. Echoes of Faydwer (Purple Shinies)

  • Reflection of Valdoon
  • Reflection of Innovation
  • Reflection of Meldrath
  • Reflection of Felwithe
  • Reflection of Faydark
  • Reflection of Kelethin
  • Reflection of Unrest
  • Reflection of Blight

Meta-Collections Edit

Marrow (Items obtained by completing collections 1-5 above)

King Klak'Anon Scepters (Items obtained by completing collections 6-20 above)

Freethinker Documents (Items obtained by completing collections 21-25 above)

Final Meta-Collection for Final Reward Edit

Echoes of Faydwer Maps

Raid Collections Edit

Ankh of Ydal

  • Fragment of Ydal - Bottom Left
  • Fragment of Ydal - Bottom Right
  • Fragment of Ydal - Top Right
  • Fragment of Ydal - Top Left

Fabled Ankh of Ydal

  • Fabled Fragment of Ydal - Bottom Left
  • Fabled Fragment of Ydal - Bottom Right
  • Fabled Fragment of Ydal - Top Right
  • Fabled Fragment of Ydal - Top Left
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