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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Unknown
Journal Level level needed!
Journal Difficulty Invalid Quest Difficulty!
Starting Zone starting zone needed!
How to Start how to start needed!

What does this information mean?


You get this quest after going to the queen for, Kelethin: Citzenship, the Queen will then give you this quest to go talk to your class trainer, I believe this only happens if you're a class that is forced to change when you betray (Conjuror/Necromaner, Paladin/Shadowknight, Mystic/Defiler, and Swashbukler/Brigand)

  • For Necromancers go to Jiaana Kaalikka
  • For Shadowknights go to Ihieer Scytheleaf
  • For Defilers go to Illasko Silktree
  • For Brigands go to Mulus Viinikka


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