According to Marshal Ralem Christof, the Ewer of Sul'Dae is a chalice of the gods that will either give you eternal youth, or turn you into an undead creature. It is mentioned during the quest, A Final Note. According to Antiquitor Kantus Mor'Tael, the name Sul'Dae is elvish, and "One word is of life and one is of death". According to 1001 Tales of Maj'Dul, the ewer is the "... vessel that sprang life to the Fyr'Un, the river of Life that ran through the celestial worlds". The ewer is said to reside in the ancient elvish city of Ahket Aken, which currently resides under the Sinking Sands as The Living Tombs.

Phar'Ahkt says of the Ewer : "The Ewer of Sul'Dae bleeds the river of life. The great flow, the Fyr'Un, winds through the land of Anashti Sul. The river runs free with her gift of eternal life. The ewer is a direct connection to this immortal flow. It is the ewer we shall drink from to taste the gift of Anashti Sul."

According to Seeker Abdeef, the Ewer was removed from the city by Fadid.

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