Eviss Ryiss

Eviss Ryiss

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Quest
Race Iksar
Zone Jarsath Wastes (Rise of Kunark)
Location Danak Shipyards ( -106, -41, 1107 ) /waypoint -105.5, -41, 1107

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Advanced Alchemist Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Alchemist Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Alchemist Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Alchemist Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Armorer Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Armorer Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Armorer Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Armorer Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Carpenter Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Carpenter Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Carpenter Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Carpenter Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Jeweler Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Jeweler Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Jeweler Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Jeweler Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Sage Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Sage Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Sage Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Sage Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Tailor Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Tailor Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Tailor Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Tailor Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Weaponsmith Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Advanced Woodworker Volume 767610g 36s 80c
Advanced Woodworker Volume 777710g 36s 80c
Advanced Woodworker Volume 787810g 36s 80c
Advanced Woodworker Volume 797810g 36s 80c
Benevolent Legion Pendant(Neck)764p 97g 66s 40c
Chord of the Danak Legion(Waist)777p 46g 49s 60c
Corporiss' Cloak of Salvage(Cloak)797p 46g 49s 60c
Danak Culinary Volume I(recipes)????
Danak Culinary Volume II(recipes)????
Danak Earring of Service(Ear)797p 46g 49s 60c
Danak Regimental BracersLeather Armor(Forearms)798p 8g 70s 40c
Dansiss' Braclet of Honor(Wrist)777p 46g 49s 60c
Droag Slayer's PauldronsPlate Armor(Shoulders)7930g 32s 64c
Gussets of the Danak ProtectorPlate Armor(Forearms)798p 8g 70s 40c
Sergeant's Pauldrons of ImpactPlate Armor(Shoulders)799p 70g 44s 48c
Sathirian Magma Recipes7510g 36s 80c
Legendary Hammer FootFor I'd Hammer in the Morning801g 20s
Rallosian Garrison JournalFor The Search for Vel'Arek?
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