EverQuest II Server Information
Server Everfrost Created Nov 11, 2004
Lang English server Type

This server was merged with Halls of Fate (Server) in 2015.

Guilds[edit | edit source]

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EQ2i Users[edit | edit source]

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Community Merge History[edit | edit source]

Everfrost is an Everquest II server. On 15 February 2006 (in-game year 3746) the Grobb server was merged into the existing Everfrost server. For a short time thereafter, the colloquial hybrid "Grobberfrost" and "Evergrobb" handles were often used by natives of both servers. Since that time, the server communities have successfully merged and form a diverse and successful community of players.

Everfrost received another population boost from the merger with Blackburrow on 8 December 2010. A welcoming party in Frostfell Wonderland Village and across the chat channels soon commenced as players from both servers came back online to deal with unexpected naming complications after being offline for almost 24 hours. Despite the merge FAQ page stating that duplicate names would be assigned based on played time, the scripts used creation time instead. Programmers implemented an additional script to fix the naming conflicts shortly before bringing the server back online and the names affected were corrected within a few hours. Similar hybrid names have been discussed amongst the players, but it is currently undecided if either "Everburrow" or "Blackfrost" will stick with this newly combined community.

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