The perfect EQ2i article... Edit

...does not exist. By no means should anyone spend a lot of time worrying about how to make an article perfect. Perfection in general is an unachievable ideal.

The best EQ2i articles... Edit

  • ...begin with a definition and clear description of the subject. They introduce and explain a subject, clearly and accurately stating its significance without going into excess detail.
  • ...are understandable. They are simple enough to be understood, yet contain sufficient detail to thoroughly explain the subject so that it can be understood by new players and experience players alike.
  • ...are very clear. These articles avoid ambiguity and misunderstanding by following a logical structure and using clearly-worded sentences, grammar, and syntax.
  • ...use proper grammar, spelling, and writing conventions and follow all the accepted rules of modern English.
  • ...are nearly self-contained. They include and explain all the essential information in the article with enough detail that someone could understand the subject without having to read many other articles.
  • ...are well-documented. They cite reputable sources, even those which are the most accessible and up-to-date.
  • ...include informative, relevant images, each with an explanatory caption. The best articles may contain no images at all, but when they do, articles may include maps, portraits, photographs, or artwork. The best articles include enough images to add to a reader's interest or understanding of the text without distracting from the information being presented.
  • ...are engaging. They use varied sentence lengths and patterns and the language is descriptive and colorful while still maintaining encyclopedic tone.
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