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This FAQ page addresses some concerns and questions readers may have about EQ2i.

How do I search EQ2i?[]

There should be a small search box at the side of the screen, marked search, followed by Go and Search. Just type what you are looking for into the search box and press the Enter key. Or, click Go / Search. See EQ2i:Searching for more details.

You can also use Google to search EQ2i by following this link. The Google index will be somewhat outdated, however, as their bots only search on a periodic basis, and may not yet have caught up with our latest edits.

What is the license agreement on the contents of EQ2i?[]

EQ2i articles are all open content. See EQ2i:Copyrights.

How do I cite an EQ2i article in a paper?[]

Cite it as you would any other web page in accordance with the normal citation practice the publication you are submitting the paper to follows. Citing the individual authors is not necessary, but you should at least include the date on which you retrieved the article (and ideally the full timestamp from the history).

What should I do if I find an error in EQ2i articles?[]

You should correct it! Volunteer contributions from those who believe knowledge should be free for everyone make up EQ2i, and the community is always ready to welcome whomever would like to join. Because EQ2i is an all-volunteer project that anyone can edit, errors or omissions can and do creep in. This should be kept in mind when reading.