Policy-Icon.jpg This page documents an official policy on the English EQ2i. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please do not edit this page without first ensuring that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss it first on the talk page.

Nutshell.png This page in a nutshell: Personal credits, including in-game conversations, are not allowed. Credits on the main article page are limited to those websites and forums from which information may be taken when credit is given and must include links. At no time do credits appear on screenshots or images.

This is the Credits policy. It describes when credits are appropriate and when they are not.

See the credit guidelines on information on how to properly credit your sources.

Personal credits, including in-game conversations, are not permitted on articles or screenshots. Personal credits include information such as your personal name or user name or credit to a particular player or players in game. The only credits that should appear on the main article page of any article in game are those credits that must be given to other websites or forums on which information is discovered (for example, within the SoE forums). At no time should credits appear on any screenshot taken in game or any image uploaded to the wiki. The History tab on any article or image represents sufficient credit for all logged in users to show their personal participation in an article's evolution or a screenshot's improvement.

To credit a website or forums from which information is taken, include a credit template from the list of currently existing templates. If no template currently exists for that site, either include a link to that website (preferably a direct link to where you got the information) or create a new template that matches the size and information in an existing credit template and add it to the article. If you do not know if a template exists or if you are unsure of whether or not to credit a site, feel free to leave a message with the Admins asking for help.

User Guides[edit source]

User guides are acceptable locations for personal credits IF AND ONLY IF you were the person who wrote them AND you place them in your personal User space. See the user guides policy for full details. If you wish to maintain editorial control of a user guide you personally created, keep it in your User space; otherwise, expect it to be ruthlessly edited, as is proper for a wiki environment.

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