Policy-Icon This page documents an official policy on the English EQ2i. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please do not edit this page without first ensuring that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss it first on the talk page.

Nutshell This page in a nutshell: Category names are capitalized, plural, and never redirected.

This is the Category policy. It describes how to name categories as well as what should be included in them. It also describes what to do about old categories. See the category guidelines on information on how to use categories.

Category naming Edit

When adding a category to the below list, be sure to:

  • Capitalize capitalize category names as you would in a title. For example:
Right: Category:Crafting Stations
Wrong: Category:crafting stations
Wrong: Category:Crafting stations
  • Make category names plural if at all possible:
Right: Category:Crafting Stations
Wrong: Category:Crafting station
  • Avoid naming categories with additional punctuation:
Right: Category:Crafting Stations
Wrong: Category:Crafting Stations:Stove Locations
Wrong: Category:Crafting Stations-Stove Locations

A good rule of thumb is that if an article is not listed in a category and you want to create a category for it, it should have 10 or so already existing articles that would fit within it.

Category page content Edit

The category page should contain only a precise description of what sort of articles belong in that category. Large amounts of content should not be included on a category page, but placed on a separate article page. See, for example, Category:Mounts and Mounts

Old categories and redirects Edit

When a category is deprecated, never make it a redirect to anywhere else. Redirected categories remain as a usable categories, and articles can be filed under them, but it is impossible to view their contents for the average wiki visitor.

When deprecating a category:

  • Mark it for deletion using the {{delete|reason}} tag and replace the word "reason" with an explanation that it is deprecated.
  • If there is substantive content on the page that is still relevant, it can simply be moved to a new category page..

If you find an existing category page that is a redirect:

  • Move any articles that have been added to the category after it being made a redirect (not uncommon) to the new category that was being pointed to.
  • Mark the category for deletion with the {{delete|reason}} tag.
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