EverQuest 2 Wiki

EQ2i has some policies and guidelines that are generally accepted and considered important, or even essential. It is important to note that at least some of these policies are still evolving as EQ2i grows and develops.

Generally accepted policies[]

  • EQ2i is a compendium of information about the Everquest 2 MMORPG. The site should primarily be used for developing the information. In particular, discussions on talk pages should be directed at improving entries. See What EQ2I is not.
  • Respect other contributors. EQ2i contributors come from many different countries and cultures, and have widely different views. By treating others with respect we are able to cooperate effectively in building a reference site for the Everquest 2 gaming community. For some guidelines, see Etiquette.
  • Follow conventions. By following these conventions we are able to produce a more consistent and usable compendium of information. See our complete list of policies for more information.

For help using some restricted features, see the list of Administrators for people you can contact for help. See also common EQ2i contribution mistakes for some useful information for newcomers.

How are these policies enforced?[]

You are an EQ2i editor. EQ2i does have a group of admins who oversee the official rules, but as a general rule they're easy going and have good dispositions. Unlike paper publications with a cadre of paid editors, active volunteer participants of EQ2i monitor recent changes and make copyedits and corrections to the content and format problems they see. So the participants are both writers and editors.

Specific guidelines to consider[]

In addition to the generally accepted policies listed above, the following guidelines have been suggested by various participants in the EQ2i project. See our complete list of guidelines for more information.

Behavior guidelines[]

Content guidelines[]

  • Integrate changes (instead of just appending quotations to the end of a page)
  • Check your facts
  • Make only links relevant to the context

Style guidelines[]

  • Pay attention to spelling
  • Fill in the summary field

We're forever grateful to the WoWWiki editors for allowing us to shamelessly repurpose a great deal of the wording from their policy and help information. We've shared the same policies on many topics for years, but they wrote theirs down first and we'd like to give credit where credit is due.