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Ascension information and the 4 classes: Epic Weapons 2.0 -- Timelines

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Chillispike Chillispike 19 December 2019

Blood of Luclin is live

The expansion Blood of Luclin went live thios week!
see Blood of Luclin‎ and Blood of Luclin Timeline for more information about the expansion and the related quests.

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Chillispike Chillispike 22 June 2019

2019 Summer Ethereal Event is now available

2019 Summer Ethereal Event is now available. While the ethereal event is running, completing any Chaos Descending solo mission will grant an Astral Ethereal reward crate. When the Astral Ethereal reward crate is received it grants an Astral Gloom-Ha…

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Chillispike Chillispike 2 April 2019

From the update notes of April 2, 2019

Leveling items that previously increased resolve have had their base resolve set to the maximum amount that leveling could have attained.


  • Weapons that had 60 resolve base before now have 90
  • Weapons that had 70 resolve base before now have 105
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Did you know... Typing /browser will bring up an in-game web browser that lets you surf the internet without leaving EQII. (note: this browser engine is severely outdated, equivalent to Firefox 1.5, most of the modern internet will not work well.

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