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Ascension information and the 4 classes: Epic Weapons 2.0 -- Timelines

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Chillispike Chillispike 15 December 2020

Reign of Shadows is live

The expansion Reign of Shadows went live!

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Chillispike Chillispike 3 December 2020

Reign of Shadows Beta / Fandom UCP

First of all Reign of Shadows Beta has started!

With the change of Fandom to UCP (you might have noticed the new layout of the website) the copy icon for the locs didn't work anymore.

I was able to update the template and it works again, but a bit diffe…

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Chillispike Chillispike 19 December 2019

Blood of Luclin is live

The expansion Blood of Luclin went live thios week!
see Blood of Luclin‎ and Blood of Luclin Timeline for more information about the expansion and the related quests.

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Did you know... Alchemists can make potions that cure all sorts of illnesses as well as heal your power and health.

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