We have our own IRC channel on, #eq2i

The channel is not often used, with the overall decline of popularity of IRC infavor of ingame voice and cross-server chats, but is a useful gathering place during downtimes, or for holding live wiki meetings, or for collaborating on wiki projects with other users (*this may be replaced by Wikia's "on wiki" chat system in the coming months)


It can be found by connecting to, and /join #eq2i

If you already have an IRC client install, and it supports irc:// weblinks, you can use this link: #eq2i

If you dont have a client, or cant use one, try out Wikia's web gateway



IRC ClientsEdit

Listed below are places to get an installable software IRC client, or other web clients farther down.

Clients for Unix, Windows, and MacEdit

  • Trillian - Windows PC multi-platform IM/chat client
  • xChat - for UNIX/XWindows users
  • X-Chat 2 - free Windows compile of xChat
  • Chatzilla - from Mozilla
  • KVirc - for UNIX systems, based on the Qt GUI toolkit
  • mIRC - the original IRC client for Windows
  • IceChat - Windows chat client
  • Linkinus - Mac OSX.4 Tiger and earlier (early Leopard success)
  • Snak - Mac OSX 10.3.9 Tiger and later, including Leopard

Please let us know if there are other good/newer suggestions. If any of these are outdated then please update them!

CGI ClientsEdit

CGI clients (no download required):

Channel operatorsEdit

Other Freenode IRC Channels of NoteEdit

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