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By submitting an image to EQ2i you are personally warranting that it is legal for you to do so. Please use one of the tags, below to tell us exactly what type of image you are submitting and what the status of any applicable copyright may be. If you do not see any tags applicable to your need, add a comment to the discussion page and we will try to add a new one for you. Please include the name of the image (if you have already uploaded it) and the name of the page you want to attach it to.

Tag your image by choosing an appropriate code from the Tag column in the table below. Place that tag in the Summary field of the Upload File screen, or by editing the image page after upload and inserting the tag there.

Image CategoriesEdit

Type of Image Tag to Insert
A Monster or Named Monster
A Zone map

a full list of these granular image tags is at EverQuest 2 Wiki:Screenshots.
these are also all available on the image upload screen on a dropdown menu.

Other credit giving template tagsEdit

Category:Credit Templates

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