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Policy-Icon This page documents an official policy on the English EQ2i. It has wide acceptance among editors and is considered a standard that all users should follow. Please do not edit this page without first ensuring that your revision reflects consensus. When in doubt, discuss it first on the talk page.

Nutshell This page in a nutshell: Advertisement problems can only be fixed by reporting them to Wikia.com via the community@wikia.com email address. Administrators of this wiki can do nothing about them other than forward them on to Wikia.com.

You may have noticed some new ads on EQ2i. Before you go off on a rant fest, we would like to remind you of a couple things:

We (eq2i) did not choose for them to be here
it is just the way of the internet. Things cost money, and ads turn into money. They are what keeps EQ2i free for you to use.
We (eq2i) do not choose the placement of ads
that was Wikia's choice based on the sales environment in the advertising world. Whatever complaint you have, we're pretty sure someone else has raised it by now. See wikia:Forum:Wikia's New Style
We (eq2i) do not control which ads appear
We do not pick the ads, nor does Wikia. The ads come from various sources. Some are auto-detected based on the contents of the page(s), some are direct-marketed. Wikia does not even have full control over them. However, Wikia can pull certain ones from the rotation for various reasons. See Bad advertisements on Help.wikia for the procedure on how to report a "bad" advertisement. Please do not report them to us. There is nothing we can do other than forward it onto Wikia Staff.

"Bad" Ads

If you see an ad for plat selling sites, botting programs, powerleveling services, or anything that is against the EQ2 EULA, please use the Bad advertisements page to report it to Wikia.

If you see an ad that may possibly be the source of a virus or trojan, first, report it to Wikia. Second, log in so you don't see ads.

No Ads!?

We would like to remind people, that if you are a registered user, and logged in, you will NOT see any ads, other than on the main page.