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EQ2i is a type of web application called a wiki. In other words, it is written and updated by the people who use it, for each others' benefit. EQ2I is a wiki for the Everquest 2 game.

EQ2i is here because we all need it. But to make it what it can be, it needs you to pitch in and help! Did you come here looking for information on a quest you are doing and we don't have it or the information here is incomplete or incorrect? Help your fellow players by editing the quest page! This system grows because the people that use it find it worthwhile to help each other. In helping each other, our enjoyment of the game increases.

How EQ2i Works[]

  1. You can edit every page: Click edit on the top of the page if you see something that needs fixing.
  2. Make new pages: Click on a link to a non-existing page (red link), or type a new URL.
  3. Register: Make an account. No e-mail required. Click your name (top right of page), and write your server & char name so people can contact you. See also Template:PCInformation.
  4. Content > design: If editing is confusing, make it simple. If you do not understand wikicode, just put {{wikify}} at the top of your page and some helpful person will come along and clean it up!
  5. Talk: Supply extra tips, experiences, questions by clicking discussion on top of a page
  6. Share: If something is hard to understand, edit it! It will help others.
  7. Credit: If you contribute information here that you found on another site, please give the other site credit! See Category:Credit Templates for a list of pre-made tags you can add to a page to credit often-cited sites.

How to Find Stuff on EQ2i[]

  • Use the Main Page to reach most articles and categories.
  • Use the search box at the left side of every page to find articles. See our article on search tips to help you find what you need.
  • Browse Special:Categories to find articles.
  • Customize how EQ2i looks and works using the Special:Preferences page.
  • If you can't find something, then create an article and write what you know about it!