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Ethershadow Assassin
Spell 1060.png
Time and space are of little consequence when universal powers are at your disposal. My enemies are never safe, and as my student, neither will yours. You can step through fissures in reality and appear near your quarry, leaving them surprised, and unable to escape your assault. I do so loathe the word 'assassin' - it sounds so mundane. But in this instance, it might be fitting. The only thing the victim knows is pain, and then nothingness.

Target Enemy
Power 2371
Casting 6.2 seconds
Recast 6 minutes 30.0 seconds
Level 6

  • The caster teleports to their target and burns 80% of their avaliable power into a single massive blow, dealing one point of damage per power point spent multipled by the spells tier, before modifications.
This spell has no higher-level versions

  • Note:These are not 100% accurate and are what calculated based on 0 stats and AA's with the damage I did
  • If you wish to test this out more make a completely 0 in everything character get to 110 then use the formula of 0.80*max power=power spent then take the damage you did and divide it by the power spent and it should give you the multiplier
  • Example of my test: damage/powerdrain=multiplier
  • An recent test shows that the multiplier maybe 0.71434x or 0.5714x but it is unknown due to the fact at base stats i get drained for 100% power instead of 80% so its either one
  • Barding of power seems to cause the spell to only drain 33% instead of full amount at base stats

Note: Fervor does affect this spell

Spell Effects by Spell Rank
Effect Apprentice Journeyman Adept Expert Master Grandmaster Ancient Celestial
Spell tier multiplier 0.71434 or 0.5714 ? ? ? ? ? ?

Gray cells correspond to unavailable ranks of the spell.

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