Ether Champions (Equipped)

Ether Champion's Armor Equipped

Armor Set: Ether Champion's Set

This armor may be worn only by: Guardians.

Drop Locations Edit

This armor is dropped as follows:

HeadVoid Infused Helm PatternXebnok the WretchedTomb of the Mad Crusader
Tyrannus the DarkYkesha's Inner Stronghold
Qxectus QxectusMiragul's Planar Shard
ShouldersVoid Infused Pauldrons PatternMynzakPalace of the Ancient One
ZarrakonZarrakon's Abyssal Chamber
ChestVoid Infused Chestguard Pattern Anashti SulPalace of the Ancient One
YkeshaYkesha's Inner Stronghold
ForearmsVoid Infused Bracers PatternSenior Loyalist TilasTomb of the Mad Crusader
Xythus Aransta / Xythus Davian Palace of the Ancient One
Kervis Pendleir Miragul's Planar Shard
HandsVoid Infused Gloves PatternSwitchmaster ZaxlyzPalace of the Ancient One
Strange StalkerYkesha's Inner Stronghold
GlaciactusMiragul's Planar Shard
LegsVoid Infused Leggings PatternGynok MoltorTomb of the Mad Crusader
Field General UktapYkesha's Inner Stronghold
FeetVoid Infused Boots PatternThet-em-auaTomb of the Mad Crusader
Kultak the CruelYkesha's Inner Stronghold
Haladan MoonrunnerMiragul's Planar Shard

Needed items Edit

When you have all items needed for each armor piece, meet Bittee Silvertail at Dropship Landing Zone in Moors of Ykesha.

SlotPatternVoid ShardsCoin
HeadVoid Infused Helm Pattern3 Void Shards3p 50g
ShouldersVoid Infused Pauldrons Pattern3 Void Shards3p 50g
ChestVoid Infused Chestguard Pattern5 Void Shards8p
ForearmsVoid Infused Bracers Pattern3 Void Shards3p 50g
HandsVoid Infused Gloves Pattern3 Void Shards3p 50g
LegsVoid Infused Leggings Pattern4 Void Shards5p
FeetVoid Infused Boots Pattern3 Void Shards3p 50g
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