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EverQuest II Instanced Zone Information
Introduced Chaos Descending
Level Range 118
Zone in from Myrist, the Great Library
Entrance is at

Go to the North Wing Stacks on the first floor of the Library, then take the teleporter at ( 260, -20, -285 ) /waypoint 260, -20, -285 to the Elemental Portal Gallery. Use the portal at ( 712, 412, -380 ) /waypoint 712, 412, -380 to enter.

Parent Zone None
Difficulty Solo
Persistence 1 hour 30 min - 3 days
NPCs Monsters Names
Drops   POIs Discos

What does this information mean?


  • This is the Plane of Air. Its creatures fly. So remember to keep checking for attacks from above you, as well as in your normal field of vision.


  1. Kill mist sprens around Misty Falls ( 160, -228, -1171 ) /waypoint 160, -228, -1171 to spawn The Matron of Mists at ( 160, -228, -1171 ) /waypoint 160, -228, -1171, then kill her.
    • The Matron will not leave the falls/water.
    • Joust out of the fog.
    • She has a detriment that can't be cured while you are in the water. It is possible to pull her to the very edge of the water, and fight with you on the bank and her in the water.
  2. Kill Anzarion, a large air elemental who paths around the edge of the entire island.
    • He seems to roam near ( 93, -198, -968 ) /waypoint 93, -198, -968
    • Anzarion has a nasty knock-up. Pull him into the water nearly to the waterfall to avoid the kick.
    • This is sort of a DPS check fight. If you don't kill him quickly, he starts summoning servitors of air every few seconds.
  3. Use the Pollen Launcher (a large blossom) at ( 112, -186, -799 ) /waypoint 112, -186, -799 to jump to The Honeycomb Landing of The Bixel Hive. Follow the ramp inside and up to the left, spiraling clockwise upwards.
  4. Kill Daishani in The Honey Larder at ( -675, 403, -148 ) /waypoint -675, 403, -148.
    • Kill his two adds first to lower his damage reduction.
    • Periodically through the fight, Daishani will reflect your spells. Any attacks that damage the mob will instead damage you. Any attacks that have a heal component will instead heal the mob.
  5. Go back down the ramp to the entrance, then take the ramp that goes up to the right to The Wax Armory. Just outside is the Emir's private phoenix at ( -323, 453, -146 ) /waypoint -323, 453, -146. Ride the phoenix to The Northern Overlook.
  6. Destroy the Honeymonger Stash at ( -655, 525, -325 ) /waypoint -655, 525, -325 to spawn Bzzkill the Honeymonger at ( -547, 440, -84 ) /waypoint -547, 440, -84, then slay her.
    • Periodically during the fight, Bzzkill will call for reinforcements by casting Stormrider's Call. Watch her casting bar for that spell to start casting, and then interrupt her. If you cast your interrupt at the emote and don't wait for the cast bar, your interrupt can go off too soon. If you fail to interrupt, she summons a set of 6 adds.
    • Bzzkill has a buff called Honey Infusion that, among other things, reduces all damage she takes by 25%. If you're a class with a dispel, use it.
  7. Follow the ramp to the right and down through the Lower Larvae Cells, then around and up through the Upper Larvae Cells to reach The Queen's Cell. The Bixel Queen, Aurorax is in the center at ( -555, 648, -172 ) /waypoint -555, 648, -172 surrounded by her guard.
  8. Use the Pollen Launcher at ( -508, 356, -436 ) /waypoint -508, 356, -436 to return to the starting island or evac or fast travel.
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