Erben Delki

Erben Delki

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EverQuest II NPC Information
Purpose Merchant
Race Human
Zone The Chronoweave (Brew Day)
Location In the center of the zone ( -1, 0, -10 ) /waypoint -0.76, 0.00, -9.93 Eq2map


For a list of items sold during this event see the Chronoportal Phenomenon Merchant Items page.

  • The NPCs only sell items that can be purchased with the event currency, Ancient Platinum Coins.
  • Some items are books with lore, some are "plushies" that look like miniature monsters (MOBs) one fights in battle, but most of the items are paintings.
  • The paintings hail the game's historic connection to the original Everquest (EQ) game and, as such, have a look that mimics the graphics of the older game in most cases.
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