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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Signature  (AA)
Introduced Sentinel's Fate
Journal Level 90 (Tier 10)
Journal Difficulty Heroic
Starting Zone The Sundered Frontier more
How to Start Speak with Sa'ib Waseem at ( 1996, -299, 3341 ) Copy in The City of Paineel
part of: Epic Conversion Timeline
Preceded by:
Fiery Jewel of the Underfoot
Followed by:
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Aglthin pondweed
  1. Speak with Lama Mukhlisah at ( -439, 380, 654 ) Copy in Quel'ule, which is located in The Stonebrunt Highlands.
  2. Lama Mukhlisah needs many items in order to hold the conversation with the ancient scholars.
    • Hunt slitherstrike mambas to obtain an unscathed venom sac, a rare update. The mambas can be found around ( 171, 369, 1010 ) Copy.
    • Hunt Stonebrunt scintillas for six glittering particles. These are common updates from scintillas which float around ( 44, 364, 1006 ) Copy.
    • Harvest four Aglthin Pondweed at the bottom of Aglthin Pond. ( -60, 369, 929 ) Copy (clicking breaks invis)
  3. Return to Lama Mukhlisah who awaits you behind the Mausoleum of Scholars at ( 551, 233, -97 ) Copy. She will then summon a risen scholar who speaks of a tome penned by Reba Garus. After the scholar has spoken, hail Lama once more.
  4. Seek out a book about spell transference within Erudin's great library.
    • Head into the Library of Erudin-554, 530, -137 ) Copy. The update can be found on the First floor of the Library of Erudin, above where Archivist Fahim is located, as an open book lying on any of the tables; you must agro Fahim in the center of the basement to make the stairway appear to the First Floor of the Library. You can have your pet or merc attack while you raise to the second floor. He will not follow as he has a rather short leash.
      • Note: one location for the update is ( -261, -1, 13 ) Copy.
      • Another location for the update is ( -151, -1, -95 ) Copy.
      • Another location for the update is ( -143, -1, 9 ) Copy.
  5. Return to Lama Mukhlisah at ( -439, 380, 654 ) Copy in Quel'ule.
  6. Collect the items required to perform the spell transference.
    • The 8 ensorcelled mercury can be found as uncommon updates from killing flowing mercury in The Hole around ( -71, -81, -1035 ) Copy.
    • The Mindflow Crystal is in Demitrik's Bastion (entrance in Paineel at ( 1851, -372, 3450 ) Copy).
      • You will need to kill the first set of nameds (Shirinu, Tirini and Protector Ghondu) to activate the ladder and take the West Side teleporter at ( 46, 36, 0 ) Copy to get to the area where the update is located (SW of the the East Side teleporter).
      • The update is a pile of rubble at ( -214, -37, 141 ) Copy directly below ( -225, -2, 138 ) Copy ; you will need to jump down two ledges.
      • A cleared zone will work fine for this update.
    • The Erud Binding Powder is obtained by killing V'lad Olkeen in the Erudin Research Halls.
    • Convince a dragon to part with their blood of their own choice.
      1. Defeat Queen Gwarthlea in Vasty Deep: The Vestigial Cella. If you have already killed Queen Gwarthlea in the past, you can skip this step and use a cleared instance instead.
      2. After Queen Gwarthlea is dead, hail Delahnus the Dauntless for the dragon blood; he will be standing where the Queen was when the fight started.
  7. Speak to Lama Mukhlisah in Quel'ule at ( -439, 380, 654 ) Copy. She will tell you that she can no longer help you. (if she is not showing at the location type /target Lama then when you have her targeted hit H for hail.)
  8. Seek out Sa'ib Waseem in Paineel at ( 1996, -299, 3341 ) Copy.
  9. Sa'ib agrees to meet you at his hut in Toxxulia's Reach. Speak to him there to complete the quest. ( 619, 113, 2971 ) Copy


  • An Enervated version (effects removed) of your class' Mythical Weapon
  • A trophy (house item) of your class' Mythical Weapon
  • One or more Ancient-quality spells that duplicate the effects of your class' Mythical Weapon
  • The book Seeress Ealaynya Ithis's Prophecies: Book One