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EverQuest 2 Quest Information
Journal Category Loping Plains
Journal Level 65 (Tier 7)
Journal Difficulty Solo
Starting Zone Loping Plains more
How to Start Talk to Ihriel the Sorceress at ( -440, 8, -38 ) /waypoint -440, 8, -38 in the Village of Somborn, Loping Plains
part of: Loping Plains Timeline
Preceded by:
Hexed and Vexed
Followed by:
Drawing Out the Cazi
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  1. Ihriel will give you a recipe for the Muktuk Veil Mask, which you must scribe, and a Mundane Muktuk Mask.
  2. Recipe will require 10 pieces of Corpudermus Husk from any kind of ghoul outside the Village of Somborn, and 10 pieces of hanging root harvested from lanky root.
    • The husks are a body drop, not auto update. The ghouls do not have to con blue or better to you, but the husks will drop much faster on non-green ghouls.
    • An excellent place to do this is the Reconstructed Ulteran Spire. Nothing paths within the spires (except for a plodding ghoul), and it is surrounded by ghouls.
    • When you get the husks you will be told that you have all the ingredients needed for making the mask, but this is not true if you have not yet harvested the roots.
  3. Return to Ihriel and use the magical cauldron near her to create the mask (If you fail you must drop the quest and restart it.)
  4. Using the mask will turn you into a Veil Hunter. You must then hunt malicious spirits within the village which were previously invisible to you. Kill 7 of these to get the quest update.
    • Note: Stand back from any environment items, like the magical cauldron, or the fence, and so on, when using the Mask. Your Veil Hunter form could spawn trapped inside these, and you will have to cancel the spell (from your effects window) and wait for the Veil Mask to be usable again.
    • Note: Try to pull the spirits close to where you body fell, when you transform into the Veil Hunter. The group/raid buffs you had on can come in handy in the Veil Hunter form.
    • Note: Related to the previous note - If your Veil Hunter dies next to your combat pet your combat pet will be able to see and attack the malicious spirit.
  5. Return to Ihriel to get your reward and open the next quest. You may find that you cannot hail Ihriel when you complete the quest because you are invisible to her, so use the /camp <yourname> command to end the Veil Hunter effect and complete the quest.


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